Season Recap: Joey Logano

By Dominic Aragon
December 6, 2016

Joey Logano came up three positions on the racetrack short of winning his first Sprint Cup Series title in 2016.

Eligible for the championship in the season finale at Homestead-Miami Speedway, Logano finished fourth in the Ford EcoBoost 400, the second highest finishing driver among those in the Round of 4.

A victory the week prior at Phoenix International Raceway enabled Logano to make the Round of 4 for the second time in three seasons.

Finishing second overall in 2016 is Logano’s highest championship finish. His previous best was fourth in 2014.

Logano became the tenth different winner in the series in 2016, capturing the checkered flag at Michigan International Speedway in June, the 15th race on the schedule.

Logano scored three victories in total in 2016, including two during the Chase, extending his streak of at least one victory in NASCAR’s Premier Series to five consecutive seasons.

In each of Logano’s four seasons with Team Penske, he has qualified for the Chase each season, finishing inside the top-ten in points all four years.

Quotes from 2016

Post-race Las Vegas Motor Speedway (finished second)
“Yeah, I thought it was a great race out there.  We ran really top two or three the whole race, so I was very proud of what our team was able to do all day.

“I never seen the leader really check out and go away, which was pretty cool to be able to do that, to be able to see some more racing, some passing for the win there at the end with Brad.  It was cool to see him come from third.

“I think the package is awesome.  I also think what we did at Team Penske, anytime you have one in Victory Lane, two of them sitting up here, that means it's a good day.  I'm proud of all of Team Penske of what we've done over the off-season.”

Post-race Michigan International Speedway I (won)
“I didn't win, we won as a team.  You know, it was an amazing team effort from Friday or when we unloaded with this rules package.  

“You don't know what you're up against when you barrel down into Turn 1 the first time, and you say, ‘Oh, my God, they weren't kidding about that small spoiler on the back of it,’ and you start to—everyone started working on the car, able to put the thing on the pin to start the race and be able to stay up in the top two the whole race.  

“It goes to show that not only did we have a fast race car, you've seen a lot of times a fast race car doesn't win the race all the time, you've got to execute throughout it.  

“Seeing the strategy that Todd had, the execution of the pit crew to keep us up front, the way the restarts went and able to maintain the lead and keep that clean air, everyone did their job the way we were supposed to.  It feels good to be able to do that.

“When you lead that many laps, it's more of a relief when you win than anything because you feel like you're supposed to when you have a car that good.”

Post-race Richmond International Raceway II (finished tenth, qualified for Chase)
“I think we're pretty good. We showed consistency over the last few races here with a lot of top-tens, top-fives. I think we were third in points overall throughout the first 26 races.

“Proud of the effort the team's put in. All of that's washed out now. I think we're ninth or something. We'll just hammer down. We know what we've got to do in this Chase throughout each round, and we'll just attack the way we know how to and have some fun with it.”

Post-race Talladega Superspeedway II (won race, advanced to Round of 8)
“This is the first time in the Chase format that I've come into Talladega without a win to be locked into the next round. The feeling of the weekend is definitely a lot different when you know you're not locked into the next one.

“Felt really good to be able to go out there and, you know, work under the pressure that was on us this week, ultimately to be able to succeed and be able to come home with a victory.

“Special win. Winning here at Talladega is always special. It's a lot of fun. You don't even know you got it coming off of turn four. So many things that can happen before the start/finish line.”

Post-race Phoenix International Raceway II (won race, advanced to Round of 4)
“I'm still yelling and screaming down in victory lane. This isn't just a race. This is a championship. We raced today like it was Homestead because we had to, and what an amazing feeling to be able to succeed under that amount of pressure and to have a race team that is truly better under pressure.

“I couldn't be more proud of that, and to have the opportunity to have the pressure on us. Think about that. There's not many race teams who have the opportunity to feel that weight on their shoulders, and that's special to have that and to be able to execute under that. A lot of people crack in those situations, and this team doesn't.”

Post-race Homestead-Miami Speedway (finished fourth, championship runner-up)
“Any time you put so much on the line and you have a late restart, you know it's going to get crazy, and then you add two or them of them on top of that, it's going to get crazier.

“Just proud of the effort that the team put in today. Everyone did an amazing job this week putting together a fast race car, handling the pressure that is put on these race teams, and really executing this race perfectly.

“We just came up a little bit short. You know, it hurts, but we had a great shot at it and came so close on that last restart to doing something, but just didn't quite get it.” Thanks to: NASCAR Media Ford Performance Team Chevy Toyota Racing

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