Aaron Fisher

          Aaron Fisher is the head of YouTube activities and social media of The Racing Experts. He is also a photographer and a TRE Live! Radio show personality. Aaron is a young buck at 16 years old, born on October 31st, 1996 (Halloween), he likes to spend time scaring people once in awhile. He was born in New York near the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. He got interested in NASCAR in 2003 when his Uncle introduced it to him and has been watching since. He grew to like Jeff Gordon but decided to be a Jimmie Johnson fan after he had a bad fan experience with Jeff. He has been a Jimmie fan since 2005. 

          Aaron has gone to many races at tracks including Dover, Pocono, New Hampshire and Watkins Glen. He will be attending more races at Dover and Watkins Glen in 2013. Aaron also collects NASCAR stuff, he has over 600 diecast, and he has shirt, posters, hats and even cardboard versions of Jeff Burton and Kevin Harvick who keep him company in his mancave and much more.

          Aaron also hopes to go to college as a motorsports mechanic and join NASCAR or any other racing series around the world somewhere. He also would like to do The Racing Experts and host YouTube and the radio show on the side for fun. He also likes to play Xbox and sleep also. 

Contact Aaron Fisher on Twitter: @racer48racer

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Or E-mail him at theracingexperts@aol.com ATTN: Aaron Fisher