~ BLOG Quickies ~ 

By Peter Carcia

 6/11/2012 - Please Excuse My Connecticut Pride

    And they said Joey Logano was the next Kyle Busch... winning all of the Nationwide Series races and then choking whenever he stepped into a Cup car. HAH! How's it feel to get silenced haters?

    All joking aside though, from what I've seen of the race yesterday it certainly was a great form of drivers beating and banging as if they were on the paper clip instead of a 2.5 mile triangle. It was the perfect blend of new racing, with 27 drivers ending the race on the lead lap, and old racing, where Logano and Mark Martin nudged each other in the closing laps. In a season where cautions have been at a premium, this kind of racing is just what NASCAR needed.

    One thing I don't understand is what's with all the hate that's going on with what happened on Sunday? Everybody's been asking for hard racing and for Boys Have At It to come back from the brink, but the second JLo decides he wants to bump the 55 out of the way to get his first win in three years, everyone is saying how he raced Mark "too hard." Hey, I'd rather get a couple drivers riled up than them being in the same intervals lap after lap...

    Maybe it's just a Joey Logano thing... I must be wrong in thinking that he won't be the next Kyle Busch, it looks like people are loving to hate him too. Which kind of sucks because his hometown is like 20-30 miles away from me....

    ....Not to mention his high school (Middletown High, CT) beat mine to the mercy rule...

    ....But that's besides the point.



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