~ BLOG Quickies ~ 

By Peter Carcia

(6/8/2012) Kurt Busch & The Blank Red Hood 

Kurt has scored jsut one too-10 this season. Photo by Wesley Daniel / TheRacingExperts.Com 

    This just came out of curiosity, but why the heck has all the sponsors out there decided to be apathetic towards Kurt Busch and the #51 Phoenix Racing team? I mean, if you think about it you're pretty much in heaven if you've got your company's name on Kurt's ride. Every week you've always got some sort of problem going on with the 51 car whether it be an issue with the car or an issue in the driver's head... or in most cases both... not to mention that since the guy has been considered a premier driver, Phoenix Racing is the only small budget team that generally gets good TV time. Heck, Kurt's got so bad of an anger problem that Speed Network's even got their own segment about it every week. Something we know as KURT BUSCH: RADIO SWEETHEART!!!!!

   So with all that promotional stuff is going on and we STILL are seeing blank red on the hood? Not to be rude but these companies sponsoring teams are idiots right now, if we had the funds to sponsor a team the 51 car would probably be my first choice to invest in right now...



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