~ Blog Quickies ~ by Pete Carcia

7/20/2012 - Spoiler Alert

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    Now, granted it wasn't until 2009 when I had become the full length NASCAR fan that I am today (I know, shocker right? a kid that actually has come into the sport instead of walk away in the past few years), but from what I can remember is that one of the main complaints from drivers of the "car of yesterday" as we like to dub, meaning the car setup before NASCAR's radical change of the body in 2007, was that the cockpit and the vehicle itself was simply too small, I believe the reference here would be Michael Waltrip speaking to reporters after a then-named Busch Series race held at Texas after doing a bunch of barrel rolls on the backstretch.

   Now, I get it, Michiael Waltrip is one of those guys that are sometimes quarantined from what some people would believe to be the average driver, but if this was the case for all drivers, I'd have to say that the changes that were made to the car for Speedweeks and the rest of the restrictor plate events were the best attempt for NASCAR at creating just that: a version of the Car of Yesterday with a larger brace. We know the obvious changes; the rear wing had failed so they brought back the rear spoiler, the splitters also went badly so they were brought back to circa 2006 form, etc. But the icing on the cake that was made this year was the change to the spoiler specifically to the restrictor plate races. The new spoiler for Daytona and Talladega is much shorter and has the same curve on the back that much of the older cars had back in the day.

    So with many people wanting to get back to the car of yesterday days, why not make the car more of a comprimise? It seems weird that they decide to only use this for four races a year. I mean, with the lack of cautions that we've seen in the taller spoiler set up, why not give it a shot? We'll have to see what the Frances do in the seasons ahead.