Bodine to join The Racing Experts

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Geoff Bodine (left) poses at Daytona International Speedway in 2011.

By The Racing Experts Staff
August 14, 2014


MELBOURNE, Fla.—Retired NASCAR driver Geoff Bodine will join The Racing as a Driver Analyst in 2015.

Bodine, who stopped racing professionally in 2011, is looking forward to offering his driver’s perspective to the fans.

“I’m excited to use all my years of driving, all my laps I’ve made, all my expertise and share that with the fans,” Bodine said.

Bodine will be giving his take on current issues within the sport and racing in general by contributing articles and appearing on The Racing Experts Podcast.

“[I’ll] analyze results, actions on the tack, why a driver did what they did, why a crew did what they did,” Bodine said.

Bodine has been known to make appearances on, CNN, and Inside Edition. But the 65-year-old feels his time at The Racing Experts can help fans understand more about the sport they love.

“I want to show folks another side of the sport, a side they might have the opinions on, but they don’t have the expertise on,” Bodine said. “Hopefully, we get people excited about racing and make them have a smile on their face, and enjoy the sport a little bit more.”

Geoff Bodine

Bodine’s NASCAR career spanned from 1972 to 2011. Bodine won 18 times on the Sprint Cup circuit, and six times in the NASCAR Nationwide Series. Bodine was named one of NASCAR’s 50 Best Drivers in 1998. He ran his last race in November 2011.

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