Boys, have it at no more?

Photo by Benjamin Palmer/
Matt Kenseth walks through the garage area at Phoenix International Raceway in March 2015.

By Brian DeGruchy
Staff Reporter
November 6, 2015


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Confusion. Denny Hamlin used that word during an interview with FOX Sports 1 earlier this week after the decision was handed down by NASCAR to suspend Matt Kenseth two races.

There are a couple of big issues that catch my eye here as this pathetic penalty was handed down to Kenseth. Was Kenseth treated fairly during the whole process of the procedure by NASCAR?

Going back two races ago at Talladega, there was an incident where NASCAR did two things wrong. During the first green-white-checkered attempt, NASCAR had stated that there was no attempt when Kyle Larson and Jimmie Johnson spun out.

Harvick did what he had to do in order to secure a Chase spot for the next round; even though he claims he did not see Bayne. It definitely looked questionable, but NASCAR said that they had no proof to assess the defending series champion a penalty.

Photo by Brian DeGruchy/

Matt Kenseth leads Joey Logano at Kansas Speedway.

What is the difference between this and the Kenseth-Logano situation? The only difference that I see is that we saw the Kenseth-Logano one coming. “Boys, have at it” was in full swing.

Kenseth, like Harvick the week before, maintained his innocence in interviews with the media. He did what he felt he had to do.

Is “boys, have at it” a past thing now? Is this fair to Kenseth? Is NASCAR being consistent with their calls? That is the confusion to me and I am sure a lot of NASCAR fans.

Even beyond the sports realm, we all want to be treated fairly, but consistency should go hand-in-hand.

Plus, I honestly do not know which celebration that day was louder Sunday at Martinsville—Gordon winning the race or Kenseth knocking out Logano. 

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