Bristol Motor Speedway's New Racing 

The Bristol night race in 2009. The high line has become the choice for driver to run.      Photo by Sebastian Schulz /

By Benji Butler Reporter

After recently observing the racing from the Irwin Tools Night Race at Bristol this past August, I noticed that the higher lane was more dominant than the low line. Am I fooling anybody?

It’s been around since early 2010, and it’s taken over the type of racing that everybody knows of. It’s starting to dominate all racetracks, and I believe it’s here to stay.

Did you watch the fall race this year? Brad Keselowski won for two reasons (no pun intended): he sped up in between the timing lines and he used the high side. Before that, short tracks were dominated by the low line. If you were on the outside, you were freight-trained. This has even happened at Martinsville, Phoenix, and Richmond.

Do you think this type of racing is here to stay? I think so. But I think it add an extra twist to the new era of racing. No, I don’t like change at my favorite tracks, but it happens and there’s nothing we can do about it. I believe the future may bring back some of the old racing we used to see.


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