Comments from Harvick, Gordon, 
Truex Jr. on championship race

Photo by Jeremy Thompson/
Jeff Gordon, Kevin Harvick and Martin Truex Jr. pose for photos with the Sprint Cup trophy pre-race
at Homestead-Miami Speedway.

By Dominic Aragon
November 23, 2015


HOMESTEAD, Fla.—Four drivers battled, one driver prevailed in Sunday’s season ending finale at Homestead-Miami Speedway.

Kyle Busch’s victory Sunday night was his first at the track and 34th of his career. For the other three competitors eligible for the championship, their results came up short of winning the Sprint Cup title.


No. 4 Kevin Harvick (finished 2nd)

“I thought there at the end that the restart, we might do a little better than that, but obviously either the splitter was on the ground or the car was just tighter than it probably needed to be, and just I couldn't hustle it and got it tight and got it up the racetrack and got behind,” he said.

“The 18 car, he just had the speed all night for the most part.  You know, as the night went, I just couldn't find anywhere that would make the car run better.  The higher I would run, the looser it would get.  I'd get on the seams and then it would push the front and slide the back.  Just never could find anything.

“It's been a great couple years, and I know we're disappointed about finishing second tonight, but it's kind of the theme of the year, finishing second.

“Unfortunately it's just one short, but all in all, it's been a great couple years, and couldn't be prouder of our bunch of guys.”

No. 24 Jeff Gordon (finished 6th)

Photo by Jeremy Thompson/
Jeff Gordon leads Kevin Harvick at Homestead-Miami Speedway.

“Right now there's definitely a part of me that is caught up in that moment that we couldn't make it a little bit better and couldn't keep up with it,” he said. “But I thought we showed what we're made of and what got us here.  We fought really hard, fought back, and we finished sixth.

“For that I'm proud and excited.

“Nothing could have topped the way my day started.  I woke up—I was planning on sleeping in, and I was too excited, so I woke up a little earlier.  Pulled up the shades on my bus, and my mom just happened to be walking by, and so that just made my day start so amazing, to be able to sit down with her on that day, first thing in the morning, and all the emotions and everything were just able to come out, and then we just had a great conversation.  And then my stepdad came in and then a little bit later Ingrid and the kids showed up.  It was just perfect.  Just missed a little bit on the race.

“I mean, overall I'm still just extremely proud and excited, not only the way that we ran this weekend and this year, but just my whole career.  It felt so good to see Rick Hendrick.  I wanted to give him that race helmet.  I designed that helmet with the intent of giving it to him.

“He's so special to me, more than just a car owner-driver relationship, and I was so happy to have that moment getting out of the car with him.”

 No. 78 Martin Truex Jr. (finished 12th)

“We didn't have much speed in practice, and we changed a lot last night on it trying to kind of go a different direction,” he said.  

Photo by
Jeremy Thompson/
Martin Truex Jr. pre-race at Homestead-Miami Speedway.

“Just never could quite hit on it.  So a little disappointed in our run, but super proud of our season and really proud to come this far to come from 24th in points last year to 4th this year is a pretty big step, and I don't think most people realize just how big of a deal it is and how hard it was for us to get that far.

“Really proud of Joe and Barney and just everybody at our team, everybody back in Denver.  You know, got to thank everybody obviously at ECR for great engines, and everybody at RCR for the past two years.  The alliance we had with those guys worked really well, and really want to say "thank you" to them for treating us like one of their own.

“You know, that's about it.  Just a little disappointed in the way we ran here.  This used to be a really good track for me, and the past two races it's just been a struggle.  Hopefully we can figure it out and be back in this position next year and try to figure out a way to battle for this thing.”


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