David Starr and LFR




By Dominic Aragon
TheRacingExperts.com Reporter

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How forward are you looking to attempting the Texas Cup race?

Looking forward to hopefully get into our first Cup race here at Texas

How much less stressful is it now that you have a sponsor on board?

Well, bottom line, Lance Fenton said were going to run six races. They’ve built their team from January until now and they have done a tremendous job. Were going to race if we have a sponsor or we don’t have a sponsor. You just feel blessed that people want to help you and sponsor your team. We are learning all that we can learn.


How stressful are you going to be on Friday?

I’ll tell you that the competition on the Truck side is fierce. When you win one of those races, you’ve done something. Now having an opportunity to race a Cup race at Texas, we have to race our way into the show. We’re excited and were going to do our best. I’m sure I’ll be nervous right before I get into the car to attempt to qualify. But, I’m going to try and take it all in. I’m going to give it all that I’ve got, and hopefully that will be good enough to get us in the show. It will be nerve racking, but I’m going to try and enjoy it and not be stressed about it.


Besides making the field, what is your goal for the race on Saturday night?

My finishing goal would be to just to do our best, just to go out and compete. If we finish [top-30] or better, that would be huge for us.


If the opportunity is there, would your team run more races if a sponsor wants to step it up?

We have to crawl before we can walk. But if we can go out there and run all the laps, and finish decent, I’m hopeful that sponsors can step up and do more races. We are hard workers and dedicated and [potential sponsors] can see that.


For a sponsor that wants to enter NASCAR, on a basic estimate, how much does it cost for them to sponsor your car?

It ranges anywhere from as little as $3,000 to as much as $100,000. It’s what the company’s comfortable with. If they want to be able to come in big at one time, or if they want to get their feet wet and get the experience. We try to accommodate anybody that is interested in LFR. We are here to accommodate, whether [it’s a company who wants] bring some employees and enjoy their name on a NASCAR Sprint Cup car, or somebody that’s really serious that’s promoting their company.