NASCAR Diecast Review


#82 Scott Speed



Today I will be reviewing the 2009 #82 Scott Speed Red Bull Toyota. As you can see the base scheme of the car is sliver with 2 blue swooshes going from the radiator to the contigs. Also, to the right of the numbers is a yellow sun and, a red bull outlines the tire. Then only sponsors on the car is Red Bull, there are no associate sponsors or driver sponsors. The number 82 has a white and red outline to the number and the number is filled with a dark blue color.  If you look carefully at the tires you will see that, the rear tires have a red inner unlike the convention black tire inner.  This is because it makes it look like the bull has a body, not cut off by the shape of the car. The car also sports the yellow strips on the rear because Speed was a rookie when this car was made. The make of this car is Toyota and this car is run under the Red Bull Racing Stable.


-          Speed’s Rookie Car (2009)

-          Made by Action Diecast

-          Can be found at any diecast car site, or Ebay for around $8

-          Fairly Rare