Die-casts for the NASCAR die-hards

Image courtesy of Lucas Rodriguez.
Collection of various custom NASCAR die-cast. Rodriquez's company focuses on cars a fan would not find at the store or at team haulers.

July 21, 2014


Lucas Rodriguez’s company has been a partner with The Racing Experts since May. Here’s an in-depth look at the small business and the passion that drives it.


Q: For those who don’t know who you are or what you do, tell us a little bit about yourself and your business:

Lucas Rodriguez: “My name is Lucas Rodriguez, and I am the creator of Lucas Rodriguez Customs.

“What this company is all about is making and selling die-cast cars that the manufacturers do not produce to give fans a chance to own completely one of a kind collectible die-cast.”

Q: What gives you inspiration to make the die-casts that otherwise wouldn’t be made by Lionel or SpinMaster?

LR: “When I became a fan of the sport as a young boy, I wanted all the cars of all the drivers in 1/64 scale.

“But the manufacturers only made cars of the more popular drivers. So I collected as many as I could but I always wanted the special edition paint schemes and cars of the underfunded teams.

“I eventually became tired of collecting what seemed like the same paint schemes year after year so I decided to try and make my own die-cast.

Image courtesy of Lucas Rodriguez.
According to Rodriguez, cars from smaller teams and
driver Kurt Busch tend to be the best selling die-casts.

“After much planning and trial and error, I finally perfected my die-cast and I decided to not only make them for myself but to offer them to fellow collectors like myself.”



Q: What’s your favorite part of the process?

LR: “My favorite part of the process has got to be the final clear coat and piecing the car back together, or the finishing touches.

“Completing a car and turning it over to see a finished product is always super cool so that has to be my favorite step.”

Image courtesy of Lucas Rodriguez.
Matt Carter's 2014 ride.

Q: How long does it take to make the cars?

LR: “The time span spent on each car varies from car to car but on average, it takes me about one hour to an hour and a half of extreme focus for 1/64 scale cars.

“Depending on the paint scheme, some cars can wear you out and frustrate the mess out of you, but in the end getting a nice finished product always makes it worth the work.”

Q: Without giving away insider industry secrets, how easy or hard and stressful is it to go through the process of making the cars?

LR: “The process of making that cars seems simple to me now but I remember when I first started it was very complicated.

“But the difficult part isn't really the knowing how; it’s the amount of focus it takes to make each car.

“Because I am working with such small pieces, the process is easy to mess up and ruin the entire project. One small mistake and the car won’t have the extremely detailed result that I demand it to have.”

Q: What are some of your goals for your business?

LR: “My goals for this business are pretty simple; go as far as I can and have fun.

“I want to keep making cars for my customers, to have the privilege of making things that people in the Sprint Cup Series garage want and pay for is really cool to me.

Image courtesy of Lucas Rodriguez.
On a busy day, Rodriguez can produce up to ten cars.

Image courtesy of Lucas Rodriguez.

Parker Kligerman's 2014 Swan Energy paint scheme.

“I want to expand this company and get our name out there as much as I can. But having fun is also important, sometimes it can be stressful but for the most part, I enjoy doing what I do and I want to keep it this way.”

Q: Anything else you’d like to share with us?

LR: “If you would like to see photos of some customs, Facebook search for ‘Lucas Rodriguez Custom NASCAR die-cast’. If you would like to purchase customs, log on to www.lucasrodriguezcustoms.com.”

What is your favorite 2014 custom die-cast?
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No. 52 Bobby Labonte Florida Lottery
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