June Fan of the Month: Joe Laracuente
Doorstopnation.com on the #37 Front Row Motorsports car of David Gilliland.
Please note: all pictures used with permission from Joe Laracuente and doorstopnation.com

Team Release

Favorite Driver:
Now: David Gilliland
All-time: Dave Marcis

How long have you been a NASCAR fan, and how did you become a fan of the sport?
Probably since 1993 -- when I was five years old, I started watching because my dad was watching it.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I own the website, doorstopnation.com. I’ve sponsored Front Row Motorsports since 2008. I have a blog that talks about anything really. We talk wresting, NASCAR, sports, and entertainment.

What was your inspiration to start your website?
It started when I was in high school just as a joke. We put pictures of our friends on there. This was before Face Book. I would hand out door stops to people. I sent out about 300 last year, and about 400 the year before. It promoted the website, doorstopnation.com. I’ve had a couple of people from the NASCAR community on my site.

How cool is to see your website on a NASCAR racecar?
It’s awesome. I’ve been in many races. My greatest race ever was this year’s Daytona 500 where David Gilliland finished third.

How did the deal come together to sponsor FRM?
There was a [public relations] guy named Mark Seaman. I had the money to sponsor a car, and I asked him if I could do it without going broke. He told Bob [Jenkins, owner of Front Row Motorsports], and he said OK.

How many races do you go to each year?
Last year, I went to three. I’ll probably go to the Loudon race in September, but I can’t because of my job.

What is your opinion on starting and parking and those teams?
For some teams you have to. Front Row Motorsports used to back in the day, now they run the full race. Tommy Baldwin, he parked many times. Now he has full-time sponsorship. James Finch, he even parked, and his team won a race. Some teams have to because they don’t have the resources, but some teams are taking advantage of the system.

What are your thoughts on the new points system?
I like the new points system. It makes sense to have a points system like this. It will be interesting when we go to Homestead.


As of right now, who’s your pick to win the championship in all three series?
Cup: Kevin Harvick
Nationwide:  Justin Allgier

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