Fans sound off: Review of the 2015 season

Photo by Todd Warshaw/NASCAR via Getty Images

Jimmie Johnson leads Matt Kenseth at Pocono Raceway. Race fans weigh in their thoughts on the NASCAR season thus far.

By Zachary Lange
Staff Reporter
June 28, 2015


DISCLAIMER: Opinions expressed are solely those of the respective individuals.


As the 2015 NASCAR Sprint Cup Season hits the halfway mark, opinions have already been formulated as to how well the racing product is this year. And when The Racing Experts took to our Facebook page to ask our fans how they felt the season was going so far, the opinions were very mixed.


From this, “Great racing!” - Terry Carson

To this, “It's (the racing) been decent so far this season, not great but not horrible“ - Patrick Dron

To this, “You call that racing, ha.” - Larry Vassar

However, the main consensus on how to improve the sport was based around a few centric ideas.


Bring the Horsepower Back

One fan wasn’t very impressed with the lack of horsepower and the lack of drivers having to feather the throttle as much in the turns.

“ ... I think they (NASCAR)  should give some of the horsepower they took away back, if they (drivers) have to lift off the gas pedal in the corners it will open itself up to more passing” -Skyler Potter

Another sounded off for bringing horsepower back to create a challenge in when to use it.

“...Give them (drivers) the horsepower back and soften the tires.  They will be fast for a short time and then they won't be able to use all the horsepower they have. This should make for much better racing…” -Melvin Cairns



Drivers Should Stick to One Series?

This debate has been heated in the NASCAR community for years. Should NASCAR continue to let the likes of Kyle Busch, Joey Logano, and other seasoned Sprint Cup veterans dominate in the lower tiers? Our fans thought not.

“Don't let certain Sprint Cup drivers that have won a championship or that are really successful in Sprint Cup race in the Xfinity Series and let the upcomers/rookies only race in Xfinity.” - Erica Lysne

Photo by Brian Lawdermilk/Getty Images

Kyle Busch celebrates his Xfinity Series victory at Michigan International Speedway earlier this month.

“ I agree with others. If a driver has moved up to Sprint Cup they shouldn't be able to race in Xfinity.” - Kelly Snider

“...I also agree with others that Xfinity races should be for the Xfinity drivers only. That gives the young drivers a better chance of winning.” - Cecilia Bratcher



Sprint Cup Schedule Modifications

Fans decided to play silly season with the 2016 Sprint Cup Series schedule and had some very unique ideas and others just wanted change all in all.

“We need more variety in tracks (more short tracks, dirt tracks, and road courses) in every series.” - Matt Kemp

“..If I had to make any changes I would bring back Rockingham and North Wilkesboro, maybe add Eldora onto the Sprint Cup circuit and maybe add a road course race in the Chase I think that would make the season more exciting.” -Nicholas Michielini

Overall, the season has made for some fans excitement to another fans dismay. And while the season may not be over, changes in any aspect might be needed in order to keep some fans watching.

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