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In Response to Brian Keselowski's 2011 Plans

I really appreciated a good article on this young man. I know there  
are a lot of wealthy Dodge dealerships in the country,what has    
happened to the Dodge Dealers and there commitment to sponsoring    
Nascar racers,I would like to see them throw the whole ball of wax    
behind him,this young man is going to be the next Nascar    
superstar,like Dale,Richard,Jeff and Tony,he has the ability and this    
sponsorship from the dealers themselves,would be all he would need,and    
don't think that win on Sunday,sell on Monday deal has gone by the    
wayside,never left,I wish someone pass this along to get these dealers    
involved,let Brad know about this.he possibly has already tried but I    
think some of the wealthiest dealers could be approached one on one    
for race to race sponsorships ,might well be worth trying.as well as    
car washing chains and car washing machinery systems,like Sherman    
Super Sonic Systems,I think they are hdqtrd. in Palmyra, N.J. Thank You    
for the article and lets see if we can help the man. 
Leonard Poole from Lancaster, PA