FAS Lane Racing's "FAS" Start; Plans

All pictures used with permission of Frank Stoddard, FAS Lane Racing, and FASLaneRacing.com

By Dominic Aragon
TheRacingExperts.com Reporter

2011 upstart FAS Lane Racing’s fast start this season might have had a setback this past weekend at Bristol. However, with only 43 cars heading to the track this weekend, the team’s 32 car is locked into the field—guaranteeing them a starting spot this Sunday.

 As a team owner, Frank Stoddard is seeing how challenging, yet rewarding it can be. Starting the year out with a 15th place showing in Daytona surely brought needed momentum to the organization.

“Our first goal was to make the 500,” said Stoddard. “The solid finish was a great foundation. I’ve had six to eight strong committed guys here. They’ve dug extremely hard. We moved people into a building. We’ve done what we needed to do.”

With the commitment of his team, Ken Schrader will pilot the car this weekend. Ken, who attempted the race at Bristol, will need to get a solid finish this Sunday to lock into that coveted top-35.

“We’re not going to knock off the Hendrick [Motorsports] guys, but we’ve been trying to stay out of trouble. We don’t want to get the car totaled up. We want to complete all the laps and get a top-25 finish.”

As for funding for his team, Stoddard said that sponsorship is “wide open” after Martinsville. “We have VA Mortgage Center through Martinsville.” For a team wanting to enter the sport through Stoddard’s team, he says that his rates are very rational. “We aren’t going to turn $50,000 away. We would have to negotiate for what they get but we are reasonable. The price range can go from $5,000 to $5,000,000.”

However, FAS Lane Racing plans to run the scheduled distance of each race they are in. Starting and parking is not an option for this team. “I’m not interested in doing that,” said Stoddard. “We want to race.” Stoddard also said that his team plans on entering all of the races this year and completing all of the laps.

If the team is secure in the top-35 after this weekend, the 32 car will be guaranteed a spot at Martinsville. Sitting 33rd in owner points, the team has a 15 point cushion over 36th place Tommy Baldwin.