One on One: FAS Lane Racing

Photo By Ed McDonald

By Dominic Aragon Reporter

BOLD = Dominic Aragon
Regular = Frank Stoddard

You’ve made 11 of the 12 with four different drivers. How would you assess your first season as a team owner so far?

I’ve been quite pleased. I’m really disappointed that we missed Bristol. Unfortunately, the 36 put oil on the track, and nobody at NASCAR nor us realized it until it was too late. After qualifying, we figured it out. Other than that, it’s gone pretty well. We obviously need more funding. We certainly wish there was more sponsorship out there. We hope we can get some more.

How does it feel? You’ve had four different drivers, and all four have managed to score a top-25 or better.

We’ve got veteran guys in there. It says a lot about the team.  We certainly dig in every weekend. We don’t just sit around and goof off and hope that it’s going to come to us. We work hard to give each and every driver what they need in the car, and it’s worked fairly well out so far.

 And for some of the fans that might not realize how bad the recession has hit NASCAR, how hard is it to find sponsors to find for your car each week?

It’s been difficult, but a lot of people out there, they feel like they have to spend four or five hundered thousand dollars. We’re available for as low as $5,000. I mean, that might not get you the full car, but you’re going to have presence on the car somewhere throughout the race.

What is a typical work week for you during the NASCAR season?

We start at seven o’clock in the morning. I’m here at the office until 6:30 or 7:30 at night. I try to get a little bit of time off on Thursday mornings before we drive or fly to the race track, depending on how far away it is. We are a small operation—we drove to Dover. We’ll be driving to Pocono. Anything within eight or nine hours, we will be driving to. It’s a lot of driving on Thursday, then driving home from the race on Sunday. I generally back in the office Monday afternoon.

 For this weekend at Charlotte Motor Speedway, who will be driving your car?

Mike Bliss will be in the car this weekend, and he’ll be in it for the next few weeks other then Kansas. He’s got an obligation for the [Nationwide] race in Chicago. We will have someone else run Kansas.

Last Saturday night, how was it to work with your old pal Boris Said in the Showdown?

I actually wasn’t able to be there. If I’d been there, I would have hit him on the head with a hammer for wrecking my car.

A few weeks ago on your team’s website, it said that you guys were looking for a road course ringer. Is there any word on who might be racing for you guys at the road course tracks?

No, it’s still wide open. We have four or five names in the hat. We’re hoping that somebody’s able to have a sponsor or a relationship out there that wants to see a certain person in the car. We would love to be a part of giving that guy an opportunity to run in the top-5.

After this weekend, does your team have any sponsorship lined up?

It’s wide open [after Charlotte]. We don’t have anything for Kansas, Pocono, Michigan, or Sonoma. Anybody can call and they will have a huge value.

When you don’t have a sponsor on the car, is it a lot more stressful at the racetrack during that weekend when you don’t have a company on board?

Well, it’s certainly stressful. I don’t; know if it is stressful at the racetrack, but it’s stressful on getting the bills paid, that’s for sure.

Is there a possibility to see a second car entry this season?

I don’t foresee it, but you never know…