Peter Carcia's Power Rankings

By Peter Carcia, TRE CEO & General Statistics Moderator

June 9th, 2011


   As the broadcasting torch of this season's NASCAR races is passed from FOX to TNT, we mark the halfway point in the 2011 regular season. Now, with only 13 races and roughly three months until we set the field for NASCAR's eighth installment of the Chase for the Cup, it's time to take a look at the drivers that are burning rubber, and those who are sputtering to the finish.



 1.) #99 CARL EDWARDS - Yeah, this guy has a commanding points lead coming into Pocono, but with only one win, it has all been about consistency for the 99 car. We all expected a rebirth of the Quackers after winning the final two races in the season, and he has certainly showed that those wins were no fluke. Here's an interesting nugget that you might want to look at though; since 2007, no driver who had the points lead coming into the 14th race ended up winning the Championship. Could that be changed? He needs more wins first. (Preseason ranks: 3rd, 2nd)

  2.) #29 KEVIN HARVICK - So what makes this driver a cut above the rest? As our old friend Charlie Sheen once said, "duh, winning." Harvick was the first driver to hit two wins in what was a diverse winner's circle in the beginning of the season, and now after a little help from Junior, he's en route to the top seed in the Chase. For people outside of the racing bandwagon, they would think that it was a blowout every time he would win, but this is the complete opposite. The NASCAR world has dubbed Harvick with th number 9. No, not for a close relationship with Marcos Ambrose, that's the amount of laps he's lead in his three race wins. Scary, but true. He seems to have a strategy that most drivers wouldn't dare to accomplish; gradually adjusting the car throughout the race. Most drivers would have a speedy routine: "The car's mad loose, 2 rounds on the wegde!" "Great, now we're tight on the apex!" "Lets go trackbar adjustment, pronto!"