Details on NASCAR's Newest Book: Funny Dan the Race Car Man 

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By Dominic Aragon Reporter

For the people who have “write a book” on their bucket list, stereotypically, it seems like a children’s book could be an easy route. You write a few pages, scribble some drawings onto a sketchpad and you have a bestselling book. However, if you talk to Tim Packman, he would tell you it is no walk in the park. Since people generally want new and original ideas for books, authors more than ever now have to come up with unique stories to grab a reader’s attention.
Tim Packman is the Communications Director for R3 Motorsports. Handling press releases, working on the team's website and handling sponsorship inquires are some of the day-to-day tasks Packman does for the team. Before R3 Motorsports, he worked for other teams inside the NASCAR community. His résumé includes starting out as an announcer and program writer, working for CBS Sports,,  Dale Earnhardt Incorporated, and a few other race teams.
For Packman, writing a book was something that didn’t happen overnight. “It took me 4:30 to 8:30 one morning to write [the book].  I walked away for a few weeks, and then I tweaked with it. For four to six years, I didn’t do anything with it. I got in touch with Headline Books. They took a look and they loved it.”
Funny Dan the Race Car Man’s characters are “loosely based off characters that I met from Buffalo to Charlotte,” Packman describes. If you do not have a copy of the book yet, the moral of the story is you can be a winner by doing what you do, and respect other people—even if you don’t cross the line first. “Funny Dan enjoys what he does,” Packman said. “He works very hard. Just because he doesn’t win, that doesn’t make him a loser. It’s how he treats others and how he respects them that makes him a winner to those around him.”
The illustrations in the book were done by Brendan Sellaro. Packman made “rough draft” sketches of the pictures. “I got a sketchpad and made caveman drawings and told him what I’d like,” describes Packman. “It took Brendan two or three months at best. It’s amazing - I give him credit for bring Funny Dan to life.”
On top of getting a book published, Packman let a few iconic people in the NASCAR community read his book before it was published. Among them was NASCAR on FOX pit reporter Dick Berggren and Bobby Allison. “Berggren is someone I consider a mentor,” says Packman.
Looking to the future, Funny Dan has the reality of becoming a series. Talking with Headline Books, Tim said that a second book is possible for the series. “This was my second book. I’m proud to say that I took something that was a dream and put it onto paper.”
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