Geoff Bodine continues to stay busy

Image used with permission.
Geoff Bodine poses at Daytona International Speedway in 2011. Bodine last raced in November 2011.



By Dominic Aragon Reporter
January 24, 2014



Although Geoff Bodine stepped out of racing in NASCAR over two years ago, the 64-year-old is still keeping himself busy.

“I’m working harder almost more than what I used to work,” said Bodine.

When he is at home in Melbourne, Florida, Bodine can be found working at his Honda Powersports store, Geoff Bodine Honda. But, the retired NASCAR driver welcomes anyone to drop by the store, as there is always time to make a fan’s day.

“If [fans] are in the area, stop in, hopefully I’ll be there to say ‘hi,’ and sign an autograph,” said Bodine.

Along with his store Bodine, is still taking an active role with the Winter Olympics. With the 2014 Winter Olympics set to begin February 6, Bodine and team are still putting in work with the bobsled efforts for Team USA.

“We’re still doing the Bo-Dyn Bobsled Project,” said Bodine. “We’ve been it a long time, and have had a lot of success throughout the years, but four years ago in Vancouver, our bench team won the Four-Man Gold Medal, which is the first time America’s won that in [over] 60 years.

“This year, Steve Holcomb and Team Holcomb started out winning everything. We built them a brand new four man bobsled. The team has been absolutely perfect. We just pray that they all stay healthy.”

Bodine has been out of the driver’s seat for two years now, with his last start coming at Homestead-Miami Speedway in 2011 for Tommy Baldwin Racing. Although he would love to still be driving, Bodine says he will not come out of NASCAR retirement twice.

“There’s no question, I’d love to have the opportunity with a top sponsor, with a top team, and great equipment. But realistically, that will never happen. I’m tired of hitting walls… I’m just fine doing I’m doing. I am enjoying life.”

But just because he is no longer racing, doesn’t mean you still can’t find the 64-year-old at the race track.

“I’ll make at least one of the Charlotte races, I love Charlotte. I might be in Daytona July 4th, but I really don’t know what my schedule is right now. I love that race, it’s close to home.”