Geoff Bodine Searching For a Ride

Geoff Bodine at Daytona in July 2011. Bodine will be watching this year's Daytona 500 at home, but he hopes to be back in a car---very soon. 
Photo used with permission from Geoff Bodine.

Editor's note: Although he was heading to the airport, Geoff Bodine spoke to us over the phone a few days ago. Although he has not raced full-time since the 2000 season, he is hopeful he will be running some races in 2012.

By Dominic Aragon
TheRacingExperts.Com Reporter

The Racing Experts: The NASCAR season’s starting this weekend. How excited are you for this season, whether you’re in a car or not?

Geoff Bodine: I’m a race fan; I’m ready to see some racing. I’m really excited, the new rules in Daytona should make the racing real exciting, just wish I could be a part of it.


The Racing Experts: How active have you been in trying to secure a ride for 2012?

Geoff Bodine: I’ve been working a lot with my sponsor, Luke & Associates, but they just couldn’t put things together right now to run Daytona. Hopefully, we’ll run at some point this year, but we just don’t know when or what races that’ll be [at this time].


The Racing Experts: Compared to last year at this time, with a company wanting to back you, does this help in how many teams you’ve talked to?

Geoff Bodine: There are a lot of teams out there need sponsorship. That’s the tough part of NASCAR right now, and tough part of any racing. I’m fortunate—I have a great relationship with everyone at Luke & Associates. We’ll get something put together. I do a lot of things for them anyway outside of racing, but hopefully … we can go racing too.


The Racing Experts: Last year, you got to run the last few races of 2011 guaranteed in the race. It was great exposure for you and your sponsor Luke & Associates. How did running those races fuel the fire to try and run more races in 2012?

Geoff Bodine: My fire was fueled up even before those races. I love this sport, I love being behind that steering wheel, and I still believe with the right equipment I can do [well]. I’m excited with the opportunity I have with Luke.


The Racing Experts: What teams have you had the chance to talk to this off-season? And, is there a chance that we might see you in the Nationwide Series or Trucks?

Geoff Bodine: I don’t want to mention any teams, because that wouldn’t be fair to them. But, we talked to several, and we are still talking with several. A lot of teams still need sponsorship so there are quite a few opportunities to get involved with a team. And there are some good teams, but [whatever happens], we’ll just keep trying, and like I said, hopefully we can get something going.