Geoff’s Journal: The importance of the first off-week

By Geoff Bodine
April 21, 2017

I hope you all had a fun and safe Easter holiday.

The holiday provided the first of two off-week for all of NASCAR’s top-three touring series this season.

When I was racing in NASCAR, I was the kind of race who enjoyed racing so much, I would have raced every weekend during the year if possible. That’s how much I loved it.

The Crew
I may not have needed the time off, but in reality, the folks who really need the time off are the crew guys.

They truly work hard. They put in the long nights and overtime. They are in the shop everyday during the week and some of them are at the track on the weekend.

They need time to recharge the batteries, see the family and hang out with friends.

Drivers have motor coaches at tracks in order to spend more time with their families. Most crew people aren't able to do the same. I was the first driver to have a big motor coach at the tracks in order to have my wife, kids and dogs there with me.

The Drivers
For the drivers, it’s usually a four day work week. Sure, there’s P.R. events and test sessions, but you’re not at the shop all the time.

A lot of that time is spent with family and friends.

During the NASCAR off weeks, I would find myself at another racetrack and find an excuse to get behind the wheel.

Every team is different, and I can’t speak for another driver, but having time off for me didn’t matter.

No matter if we were coming off a good finish or a crash, when you go home after a race, it doesn’t matter, it’s over.

P.R. events may come with a win, but life continues after the race weekend. The driver has their schedule and the rest of the team continue their roles.

Of course you feel better after you win, you are happy and you might whistle while you work, but work still gets done, no matter what the result was.

2017 Season
The season thus far has been really interesting. The new aero package has made the racing better. The segment racing has been adding to the excitement too. Guys are racing harder to make more points.

I applaud NASCAR for the changes to the product by adding the segments.

The competition is always changing, but it will continue to be interesting. We’ve had six winners in the first seven races and all three manufacturers have looked strong. IMAGES
Daniel Courson/The Racing Experts
Dante Ricci/The Racing Experts
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