Geoff’s Journal: Thoughts on the championship Chase race

By Geoff Bodine
November 18, 2016

We’re down to four drivers. We’ve seen 12 drivers eliminated over the last nine races, and now it comes down to the final four at Homestead-Miami Speedway, all who would be great champions of the sport.

I’m very excited to see Sunday’s race. It’s a great mix of emotions for those guys and for their teams. I wish I could be there, but like many of you, I will be listening to all forms of communications for the race (television, radio, scanners).

No. 18 Kyle Busch
Last year’s run for him was incredible and capping it off with another title would be equally impressive.

It doesn’t matter if he missed races last year and became champion. Winning another title would only add to the legacy Busch is making for himself in the sport.

No. 19 Carl Edwards

I can’t speak for him, but he has to be awfully hungry and anxious for that first title.

He won at Homestead in 2008 and 2010 and this is his first shot eligible for a title entering Homestead since 2011.

No. 22 Joey Logano
2015 was such a heartbreak for Logano with the way everything transpired. That can be erased Sunday for him.

I don’t know if it’s karma, but with the events from Phoenix on Sunday, Logano got in and Kenseth was knocked out.

No. 48 Jimmie Johnson
Johnson will have an opportunity to win an unprecedented seventh title and match Dale Earnhardt and Richard Petty.

However, until something like that happens, we won’t know what that record-tying mark will mean for the sport.

Winning one title is phenomenal, but six is astronomical, especially in this era.

Expectations and Predictions
All four title contenders will make great storylines. But, there’s still 36 others who will try to make their mark and are racing for a win.

I think one of the four Chase drivers will win the race, like we have seen the last two years.

We will see an exciting race with crashes and miscues for drivers and pit crews.

Don’t bet Vegas on what I’ve said though, because we do not know what will happen. That’s why we will have to watch everything play out Sunday.

DISCLAIMER: Opinions expressed are solely those of the writer.

Who will be crowned the 2015 Sprint Cup champion?
No. 18 Kyle Busch
No. 19 Carl Edwards
No. 22 Joey Logano
No. 48 Jimmie Johnson