Geoff’s Journal: Previewing the championship race

By Geoff Bodine
November 17, 2017

Sunday will mark the end to the 2017 NASCAR season, and a new champion will be crowned in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series at Homestead-Miami Speedway.

It would be great if the race came down to the last lap and the four guys come back to the start/finish line just inches apart. It’s a slim chance that could happen, but I hope it isn’t a runaway and that it comes down to that last lap.

I am hoping for an exciting race between those four and the rest of the field.

I wish NASCAR had this format when I was racing. I like how it opens up the door for four teams.

In the past, you would get to the final race of the season, and the champion was already known because of a points cushion. That’s pretty boring, uneventful and unexciting.

As a wide open track, Homestead has a lot of room; it has more than one racing groove and it’s fast. You can end up running up against the wall, and that may be the case Sunday.


All of the drivers competing for the title would make a great champion for the sport.

It’s great to see Martin Truex Jr. have another shot at Homestead.

He’s shown his feelings and emotions with the battles he and his team have faced outside of the racetrack this season.

After he wins, he doesn’t take anything for granted. He’s truly excited and appreciates every opportunity. He’s been so good at the mile-and-a-half tracks, so he might be the favorite.

Although he has won a title, Brad Keselowski will be making his first appearance in the final round.

He may not have had a strong run at Phoenix, but Keselowski got into the round with his overall consistency.

Like Keselowski, Kevin Harvick will also be representing the Ford brand in the final round. If either of them win the title, it would be the first time since 2004 that a Blue Oval driver won the championship.

Harvick is a great driver and a proven winner. He’s also known to have great luck, so if you’re a Harvick fan, watch out, because he could lift the trophy at Homestead.

Kyle Busch has won a title under this format, but he missed races in  2015 due to injury. He now has a chance to win a title, and this time, Busch started every race this season.

I like his attitude; he doesn’t like to lose. He shows his emotions, and I like that. I would try to show my emotions as a driver, and we all would show them in different ways.

I sometimes don’t agree with the way he shows his emotions, and I’m sure people didn’t agree the way I did things either.

His sponsors and fans, including kids, love him. Who doesn’t like M&M’s, right?

Under this format, the championship winner also won the race all three times, and this year will be no different.

Truex has been so strong at the 1.5-mile racetracks, it’s hard not to pull for him.

However, I’ll go on a limb, put my reputation on the line, and say Harvick will be the 2017 champion. He and his team seem really steady.


Jeremy Thompson/The Racing Experts

Dante Ricci/The Racing Experts


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