Geoff’s Journal: My thoughts on Kasey Kahne’s Darlington throwback scheme


By Geoff Bodine
June 17, 2017

It is an honor that Kasey Kahne will be running a throwback paint scheme similar to my No. 5 Levi Garrett Chevrolet I ran for Hendrick Motorsports at Darlington Raceway in September.

It was a well-kept secret, because I didn’t find out about it till a couple days ago. I believe I saw it on Facebook.

I was out of the loop. It may have been in local papers in North Carolina, but I first saw it after someone had sent it to me on social media and asked me what I had thought.

The car he’s going to run looks great; that paint scheme was always special, very clean and seeable on television broadcasts.

The only thing to make this whole situation even better would be to have me behind-the-wheel at Darlington.

It almost makes me want to go to Darlington and see the race. That’s the track I credit in “promoting” me to NASCAR’s premiere series.

I won there in the present-day NASCAR XFINITY Series Trans South 200 in 1982. Two days later, Cliff Stewart called me up and asked if I would drive his car in the Cup Series.

At the time of publication, I have not been in touch with anyone at Hendrick Motorsports just yet, but I’m sure Rick and I will talk soon. I’ll even tell him if Kasey gets sick or something, I’m ready.

Rick has never changed. He has always been a great, caring person, and shows it in many ways. I think this is one way to show he cares about me.

Rick said yes when they asked me to drive their Cup car for the first time. He helped me capture my first Cup win, the Martinsville victory in 1984 that helped keep the doors open for Hendrick Motorsports. We also won a Daytona 500 together in 1986 and five other races throughout the 1980s.

I’m proud to be able to say I was part of Hendrick Motorsports. Every time I see those cars out there on the track or in victory lane, I still feel a part of it.

I drive a yellow Corvette, so I must really love that color, and maybe the same for Kasey. It’s was nice to hear he and crew chief Keith Rodden had a say in choosing what paint scheme to run for the race.

It sure would be nice to see that yellow-and-white No. 5 back in victory lane in September. If Kasey pulls off the win, they may have to run that paint scheme the rest of the season.

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