How the Sport of NASCAR is Turning in the Right Direction

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By Jonathan Fjeld Lead Reporter

So many things have happened in NASCAR:

- The rear spoiler returning
- 3 Green Whit Checkered attempts at the end of races
- The repaving of Daytona
- The front splitter being pushed in
- New record amount of leaders in 1 season in 2010
- The closest point battle in history and most notably: "Boys Have at It!"

All this, is helping the sport make a strong resurgence. Many changes have helped like the ones above. Let me tell you about a few things that have caused all this to happen: The 2009 Fall California race: There was a late caution for "debris". It actually was found out that, sure enough, it was a "phantom caution". That bunched the field up at the end. The 2010 Bud Shootout: At the end, there was a GWC. Then entering turn 3, Greg Biffle either had a tire down or stalled, causing Jeff Gordon to hit him and cause a big wreck. Caution was out, race was over, and Kevin Harvick won. And then the Daytona 500, 2010, the track had a pothole in turn 1 that forced the race to be delayed for over an hour. All these things have forced other things to happen.

An example of how these changes helped the racing:

2010 Martinsville Spring race: the caution comes out for Kyle Busch spinning, Jeff Gordon comes very close to taking the white flag. Instead, he didn't and came up short. Drivers doubled up, GWC first attempt. What happened was that Jeff Gordon restarted as leader on the low lane with Kenseth behind him, Newman up high. Denny Hamlin would restart behind Newman. Coming into the first corner on the restart, Kenseth bumps Jeff, Hamlin bumps Newman and gets in the same lane as the 24, Jeff Gordon. Kenseth comes low, gets alongside him. Gordon slips up in the corner, Kenseth overdrives it and goes across the bumper of Gordon. Hamlin passes him and goes to the lead.

People may say that the GWCs are just another added thing that makes the racing better and that the drivers should be the ones making the racing better. They should. But how will they make it better if they don't have a little help? It proves that these changes are making the racing better. Next thing that NASCAR is going to probably try to work on is getting the TV ratings back up, building and keeping a fan base. Someday, maybe NASCAR can outdo the NFL & MLB.