‘Zero chance’ fans will see Gordon 88 merchandise

By Dominic Aragon
July 31, 2016

LONG POND, Pa.—Jeff Gordon, interim driver of the No. 88 car, made it clear at Pocono Raceway there will be no merchandise of any kind featuring his driving of the No. 88 as Dale Earnhardt Jr. continues to recover from his concussion-like symptoms.

“Zero,” he said to The Racing Experts. “Zero chance. Not produced by us; we consciously made an effort that there wasn’t going to be ‘Gordon’ on the car anywhere, that it’s not about that.”

Last week at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, a banner featuring Gordon’s name with the No. 88 was taken down from the garage stall at the request of Hendrick Motorsports. The banner was replaced with Earnhardt Jr.’s name.

Adhering to the statement, the hero card stand by the No. 88 hauler in the garage area at Pocon

o Raceway did not feature Gordon, but rather Dale Jr. Nationwide cards.

Gordon additionally talked about his respect for Dale Jr. and his role in the No. 88.

“I just have too much respect for what Dale is going through and you’ve got to understand that while there are a lot of fans that are excited about this and there’s some good storylines, there’s a lot of fans that thought they’d never see this before and are having a hard time accepting it, too,” he said.

“But beyond that, to me, it’s just about—I am a fill-in driver for Junior. It’s as pure and simple as that and there is no need to try to do any merchandising on that.”

The Pennsylvania 400 Sunday will mark Gordon’s second race in the No. 88. He will start 24th. 

When do you think Dale Junior will return to the No. 88?
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