Jeffrey Stanton: Making a Difference One Toy at a Time

Jeffreys Toy Closet Logo and it's meaning

The Jeffrey's Toy Closet Logo on Stanton's race car. All Images used with permission from Jeffrey Stanton.

By Dominic Aragon Reporter


Growing up in North Carolina, Jeffrey Stanton has been around the world of NASCAR his whole life. Racing since he was nine years old, Stanton has worked his way up through the ranks as a racer. Starting up in Bandaleros, he currently races in Legends Cars.

Off the track, however, Stanton is trying to make a difference for those who are less fortunate.

When Jeffrey was nine, he started his non-profit charity “Jeffrey’s Toy Closet.” The inspiration to start making a difference came when he was asking a kid what he was going to get for Christmas. “He said clothes,” Stanton told me. “He wasn’t going to get toys, and I felt real bad for him. So I saved money, and I started to donate.”

In its first year, Jeffrey donated unopened toys of his, and told his parents he wanted to help out the less fortunate.  Jeffrey’s Toy Closet gathered over 13,000 toys and then distributed them to local charities.
“We get a lot of donations through the mail,” says Stanton. “We take any type of toys—for a teenager or a young baby.”

What started out as a seasonal charity has become a year-round organization.

Now that JTC has been around for four years, Stanton tells us that his charitable work is now getting national attention. ESPN will be featured a piece on his charity during pre-race coverage for this weekend’s NASCAR Nationwide race at Dover.

“Basically, ESPN came to my house, and they asked if they could film us for two days,” recalls Stanton. “They filmed our charity donating toys to a child that lost his brother and his house in a fire. On the other day, they followed us to the track.”

If you would like to donate to Jeffrey’s Toy Closet, toys can also be mailed to Jeffrey's Toy Closet at 225 Trexler Rd., Salisbury, NC 28146. Toys should be in new condition or like new condition. No guns! Jeffrey's Toy Closet also accepts baby items, school supplies and educational items. Visit their website at

Also, if you purchase memorabilia from The Racing Experts’ CafePress store, ALL profit made goes to Jeffrey’s Toy Closet.  That link is