Jeremy Mayfield's 2011 and Beyond

2008 Cup Car / Wikipedia

By Jared Wilson Contributer 

As we all know, Jeremy Mayfield, who was banned from NASCAR after he failed a drug test prior to

the May 2009 race at Richmond International Speedway,  tested positive for

Methamphetamine or meth.

He failed two more drug tests in July, these also for meth. After his failed

attempts to appeal the penalties, we haven't heard much from the Owensboro, KY

native. Then on NASCAR Race Hub, he was a special guest and he revealed his

plans for the future. Mayfield said he plans on possibly lining up a ride in a

dirt car for one or two races(League or Series was not specified) or running

IndyCar. You need to realize that Mayfield had a perfect chance to do

something in NASCAR in 2009 because he was not underfunded, but Mayfield blew and

ended up where he is now. So, until NASCAR lifts Mayfield's ban ,you may not hear

much form him, but when he is allowed to return, He will be a force in the

NASCAR community, that is if he has sponsorship.