If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It

by Jonathan Fjeld (TRE Lead Reporter)


  NASCAR had a type of stock car that was similar to a street car in different ways from the start of the modern era until 2008. In 2008, a new generation stock car, that had ran a partial schedule in 2007, was run full -time in Cup.

The car's name was, COT, or Car of Tomorrow.

The "COT" featured an un-traditional wing with a splitter and splitter braces on the front. The car was also raised for a higher roof and the seat was moved closer to the  center of the car. Controversy arose with the wing lifting the car off the ground and flipping it after 3 similar incidents in a matter of a year. Changes would soon be made.

In 2011, the COT featured a spoiler, smaller splitter, and  no spliter braces. During the year, it was announced a new car would be made for 2013 to make the stock cars more like their street car counterparts. As details came in, it was heard from many sources that the B-pillar would go away in an effort to make the car look like a street car with the windows rolled down.

It raises 2 questions in my mind: "Is it necessary?" and "Are they trying too hard?"

Answers? No to the 1st one and yes to the 2nd.

NASCAR has a good car as of now. If they got rid of the splitter and piece on the bumper similar to the splitter and it would look like a traditional stock car.

What could be done, instead, to try to give a street car-like look to the cars?

NASCAR could easily re-do the cars and design it to look like the street counterparts WITHOUT trying too hard and do something similar to what was done in the mid-90s to the early 2000s. That is, have the stock car follow the current generation of the street car. 

What ever may happen, we can all hope it's for the good of the sport and also hope the cars don't turn out to be what the Nationwide car is like. Many fans have shown their displeasure with the new NW  car with one saying, "It's the most hideous car to have ever drove on the race track." Hopefully when the new car comes out in 2013, there are good reviews of it from fans and drivers.