Junior: “They did a great job
improving the issues over the tunnel”

Photo by Jeff Curry/Getty Images via NASCAR

Dale Earnhardt Jr. talks with crew chief Greg Ives.

By Justin Melillo
Staff Reporter
August 2, 2015




LONG POND, Pa. In June, many drivers were concerned about bumps in the racing surface in turn 2. Joey Logano even said that they were jumps more than they were bumps. Now that the Sprint Cup Series is back at Pocono for the second time in 2015, the bumpy surface located in turn 2 is gone, replace with a smooth new patch of asphalt.


Drivers were outspoken about the rough racing surface that had settled in the “Tunnel Turn” following a harsh winter in Pennsylvania. After it was all said and done, it became a moot point, as drivers and teams adapted to turn 2 throughout the racing weekend.

“Brandon and those guys do an awesome job, always trying to not only give the fans what they want, but making this as good of an experience for the drivers too,” Earnhardt stated to the members of the media center.


Earnhardt Jr. said that the bumps on the apron were unusable, which was a big concern in June, especially during practice on cool down laps after completing a mock qualifying run. “The rest of the track is in such great shape, and it’s unfortunate what happened over the winter, but they sorted it out.”

On Friday, drivers were back on track for the first time since June for practice and qualifying for the Windows 10 400 at Pocono Raceway. Dale Earnhardt Jr. was one of the first to commend the track and its President, Brandon Igdalsky, on its improvements to the turn, especially on the apron.


Photo by Dante Ricci/TheRacingExperts.com

Dale Earnhardt Jr. turns laps at Pocono Raceway.

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