Kasey Kahne's Viewpoint From a Fan's Perspective 

Photo by Wesley Daniel / TheRacingExperts.Com
Kasey Kahne's winning car at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Kahne's win in the Coca-Cola 600 marked his third victory in the May race.

Disclaimer: All opinions expressed are solely those of the writer or the fan.

By Benji Butler
TheRacingExperts.Com Reporter

Hello, everybody! After a few months of not writing, it’s great to be back here on The Racing Experts!


For my first article back, I decided to do something a little different. I wanted to reach out to everyday NASCAR fans and get their opinion on a certain topic. What topic will we be covering this week? Kasey Kahne’s first year in the No. 5 car at Hendrick Motorsports. I asked two fans of theracingexperts.com on their opinion and here is what I got.


The two fans chosen this week were Paul Fodde and Eric Webler. I asked them a total of six questions and got their answers on each of them. All questions were kept the same and I got some pretty interesting answers from both people.


The questions asked are:

1. Describe Kasey Kahne's year so far in one to two sentences.
2. What does Kahne have to do to make the Chase come Chicagoland?
3. What do you think about the media comparing Kahne to Jimmie Johnson?
4. Has Kasey Kahne become a household name and if not what does he have to do to become one?
5. What tracks do you expect Kahne to win/contend at as the year progresses?
6. What tracks do you think Kahne wil struggle at as the year progresses?


Paul Fodde:

1. “Bitter but sweet. Horrible start but a great so far.”

2. “Keep winning races.”

3. “Stupid. Just another thing to get another story, both drivers are different, and they have probably the same amount of talent.”

4. “Yes he is a household name.”

5. “Cookie cutter tracks like Atlanta, Texas, etc.”

6. “Superspeedways.”


Eric Webler:

1. “Building. He has just continuously gotten better each race since Daytona.”

2. “Win, he need more wins. He is about a race out of the top 10. Maybe a win and a bunch of top 10's would put him in the top 10 in points but if he gets 2 or 3 more wins, he can afford some bad finishes cause of the wild card as long as he stays in the top 20 in points.”

3.  “They are comparing the two? [I] Haven't noticed. There is no comparison to me from what I've seen so far. When he wins a championship or [two], then I'll see a comparison. Jimmie Johnson is an unstoppable force as much as I [strongly dislike] him. He is very good and Kahne has only been good this year, not very good. “

4. Yes. I hear his name being mentioned on FOX a lot. I expect TNT and ESPN to talk about him a lot too. He is always in the top 10, top 15 if he hasn’t wrecked or had a problem not of his doing.

5. Pocono, Kentucky, next Richmond race, Kansas, Atlanta.

6. Sonoma, Watkins Glen, Martinsville, Homestead.



That was my experience with writing about the perspective of the fans of NASCAR. I would like to hear from all of you as well. If I get a good response to this story, I will consider making this a weekly series. I really enjoyed talking to the other fans.


So, thank you everybody for reading this story! Keep coming every week for more stories. Also, e-mail me at benjammin21@live.com if you’d like to be featured in an article.