Kasey Kahne Adjusting to Red Bull

Photo by Duane Tate / Flickr.com

By Benji Butler
TheRacingExperts.com "Pit" Reporter

So, what did you think when Kasey Kahne went to Red Bull Racing? Being a Kahne fan since he went to Evernham, I was shocked. But after the Daytona 500, I thought this season would be a disaster. But then, a light appeared at the end of the tunnel at Phoenix. A top ten finish put Kahne close to the chase and things were looking up for the number four. Las Vegas, same as Daytona as Kahne spun out lucky not to hit anything or anybody. It looked like an up and down season for Red Bull.

A week of would be a relief for the drivers at Red Bull as they were dealing with a very tough season. Teammate of Kahne Brian Vickers had a nice week at Vegas and was looking for a better week at Bristol. Red Bull Racing would need some luck to tame Bristol and get the first win of the season. Kahne had a top ten day at Bristol and Vickers was caught up in a wreck early. It was a roller coaster ride.

Fontana would be Kahne’s average day. Around twentieth place and Vickers would not improve either. Off to Martinsville we go and Kahne’s first DNF of 2011. Martin Truex’s brakes would fail going into three and four and clip Kahne sending both into the wall. Truex would have a horrible crash and both would be out of the race. It seemed like Toyota did not like Kahne.Kahne would have a good day early at Texas staying in the top ten for most of the first half of the race. But don’t be fooled by the first half of the race. Kahne would fall off the pace and drop to just a top twenty-five and even out of the top twenty-five. He would be lapped fast when Matt Kenseth, who went on to win the race, passed him.

In conclusion, 2011 has not been an easy year for Kasey Kahne or Red Bull Racing. But, we are only a quarter of the way through the season. There’s still plenty of racing left and the Chase isn’t even close. My point is that we won’t know how Kahne’s season will end until it does.

Benji Butler reporting for theracingexperts.com.