Kyle Larson Wins Pocono ARCA 200


                The only Sprint Cup driver in the field on Saturday in the ARCA race at Pocono, was Kyle Larson, and he sat on the pole and won the race. Larson was driving for Turner Scott Motorsports and was able to edge out Mason Mitchell off of the final restart to claim his first ever ARCA Racing Series win.

                Following Larson in the field, was Mitchell, who pulled out to an advantage off the restart, but then Larson was able to track him down. A very tired, John Wes Townley, who drove the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race in Texas on Friday night, finished 3rd. Fourth was Will Kimmel, and Justin Allison finished 5th.

                Kyle Larson had never ran a race at the Pocono Raceway in the past, as he used this race to try and gain more experience at the race track, when he runs the Sprint Cup Series race on Sunday.

“I was glad I got to work really hard at the end, ‘cause I learned some things in practice, that was good….The cars handle so differently, and drive so differently, it’s hard to learn a whole lot, but I definitely think more track time help,” said Larson after his win on Saturday.

When a Sprint Cup Series driver runs in the lower divisions, it’s expected that they win, Larson addressed that too, and how pressure may be added to him, in being a Sprint Cup Series driver.

                “Yeah, I was worried when Mason got the lead, and it seemed like he was pulling away… I thought this is going to be a tough way to lose as race after dominating. I know a lot people look at me and are wondering why I came down to beat those guys, a lot of people would be happy… but I still like to win.”

Hard charging Mason Mitchell was second as he used up all of his car at the end of the race to try and track down Larson,

                “I couldn’t be more proud of my guys. Step it up, and compete against a team of that caliber… and compete for the win…,” Mason said about his own team on Saturday following the win.

                Mitchell said he likes when the Cup drivers run down in the lower series, and that he learned a lot from Kyle Larson today,

                “I like when they come down, they’re I guess supposed to win… We go out there and lead laps, and pass him, and give him a run for the money, I think it shows a lot of our capabilities and show a lot about our team… It was a heck of a race with him, and I hope we can get a chance to race him some more.”

                It was an exciting finish for the ARCA drivers in Pocono this weekend, as they move on to Michigan next week.

                The rest of the finishing order looks like this.

6.) #6-Josh Williams

7.) #44- Frank Kimmel

8.) #90- Grant Enfinger

9.) #55- Cody Coughlin

10.) #3 Karl Weber

11.) #23- Spencer Gallagher

12.) #5-Bobby Gerhart

13.) #2- Thomas Praytor

14.) #43- Kyle Martel

15.) #10- Ed Pompa

16.) #77- Tom Hessert

17.) #66- Tom Berte

18.) #86- Nick Igdalsky

19.) #52- Matt Tifft

20.) #34- Darrell Basham

21.) #18- Bill Catania

22.) #25- Justin Boston

23.) #40- Jay Curry

24.) #22- Austin Wayne Self

25.) #7- Brent Cross

26.) #48- Rick Clifton

27.) #06- Steve Fox

28.) #0- Don Thompson

29.) #68- Chris Bailey, Jr.

30.) #97- Tim Viens