Q and A: The Furute of MMM

The 2007 MMM car. '07 was the last season for Morgan McClure.

By Dominic Aragon

How did you get started in racing?
Tim Morgan: We bought a car from G.C. Spencer in 1983. We actually started out as a sponsor, but me and Larry wanted to take the next step up.

What was it like to win the Daytona 500 three times?
Tim Morgan: Most teams just dream of winning this race. To win it three times and to win eleven other races has been amazing.

2007 was your last full-time year …  going into it, did you think it would be your team’s last full time season?
Larry McClure: In a way yes. Teams were having a hard time finding sponsors and we kind of had a feeling it was coming.

How tough was it not going to the track in ’08?
Tim McClure: Well, we had been full time for a while, so it felt weird not showing up at the track. But when you don’t have a sponsor, what can you do?

How did the deal to run the Bristol race in ’09 come about?
Tim McClure: We knew a local company that could help us out. We had run with Scott Wimmer before so, we prepared the car in hopes to make the race.

What was your reaction to making the race and finishing on the lead lap, 29th?
Tim McClure: We knew he could do it. He’s a talented driver and we believe he would finish well.
Larry McClure: For the circumstances, it was a good finish.

What is your guys’ 2011 plans?
Tim McClure: We would love to get back to the track, but it all depends on sponsorship.

Would your team start and park for funding?
Larry McClure: That is highly unlikely. I’m not bad mouthing the star-and-parks, but were not going to show up to park after a few laps. It all depends on sponsorship. Now if we have a sponsor and they want us to start and park, we can possibly do that for the sponsor.