NASCAR on Fox: 11 Years

On the SPEED Stage; Indy 2009

By Dominic Aragon Reporter

About 11 years ago, veteran crew chief Larry McReynolds was stepping into his final year at Richard Childress Racing. After winning two Daytona 500s, McReynolds faced a tough decision at the time. “This was one of the toughest decisions I had ever had to make,” recalls McReynolds.
The decision he is talking about was to either stay a crew chief at RCR or to move into the broadcasting booth. 
McReynolds won the Daytona 500 twice in his career through 2000, but he was at crossroads in his career.
“I had done some work for CBS and TBS 1995-2000. I really enjoyed it, but I never thought I would do it full time.” McReynolds also talks about how he was approached by FOX to come on board full time for 2001. With a new television package, we was asked if he would be interested in providing his voice to the company starting with the Daytona 500. As some would say, “the rest is history.”
To this day, McReynolds tells me that he enjoys what he is doing.  During the FOX season, it is a very busy time. “I’m very structured,” says McReynolds. “My goal is to be looked at as a good NASCAR analyst. I am up 4-4:30 AM each morning, and I work in my office. I take notes and research for about six hours. I usually head to the track [midweek].”
During the off-season, McReynolds, like most working people, enjoys his time off. “I get to be with my family, and get to go to church.”
As for the future, McReynolds hopes to be in the booth for a while. With two of his good friends by his side, who wouldn’t want to not go to work?  “The chemistry is there,” McReynolds says. “The minute we went on air, something just clicked. I consider [Mike and Darrell] my two best friends.”
Larry’s Favorites:
Car: I’m not a big car enthusiast. I’d like to find a 1959 ford Fair Lane.
NFL TEAM: Carolina Panthers
MLB: Atlanta Braves
NBA: Maybe the Charlotte Bobcats
Junk Food: fruit slices.
First concert: Elton john early 70s. My wife and I saw Elton at Ceaser’s Palace a few years ago.. Two or three of the five original members were there with him.
Vacation spot:  Anywhere in Caribbean’s. I love the island.