One-on-One With… NASCAR The Game Executive Producer Dave Thompson

Image used with permission. Thompson discusses the details of NASCAR's newest game title set to release next month.

By Devin Smrekar

TheRacingExperts.Com Reporter





TheRacingExperts: How long have you been with Eutechnyx and what are your duties working there?

Dave Thompson: “I’ve been at Eutechnyx for around 10 years and I’m the Executive Producer on the NASCAR The Game series. I’m responsible for the overall game project from design to development.”



TRE: Eutechnyx has actually been around for quite some time now, what are some gaming titles that we may have heard of that Eutechnyx has developed?

DT: “Eutechnyx is mainly known for its racing titles such as The Fast and The Furious, Ferrari Challenge, Pimp My Ride, Hot Wheels and of course Big Mutha Truckers.”



TRE: Eutechynx has primarily focused on racing games for the past 15 years or so, what makes you personally want to develop racing titles?

DT: “I’m a motorsports fanatic, I love racing of all forms. Being able to create games that try to capture the intensity, skill and aggression of real life racing is extremely exciting albeit challenging. The reward of reading about and watching fans play your games is something I really look forward too.”



TRE: Your team has worked heavily over the past few years to create the best NASCAR console game(s) to ever exist. We all now NASCAR The Game 2011 had its faults, but why should we have reason to believe that NASCAR The Game: Inside Line will be a much better overall game than its predecessor?

DT: “Developing games for a sport as popular as NASCAR is always a big challenge, there's so much passion from the fans that finding the right feel for the game can be a very delicate balancing act. With Inside Line we like to think that the project has been a real collaboration between the dev team and the fans. We received so much feedback, both positive and constructive from the first game and we've tried to connect as much as possible with the community over the course of the new project. While it's impossible to give everyone everything they want, we're very confident that NASCAR The Game: Inside Line is as true to the NASCAR experience as we could make it.”



TRE: How involved have you been working on other Eutechnyx titles such as "Ride to Hell" and "Auto Club Revolution" compared to the past few NASCAR games?

DT: “I have very little input in Ride to Hell but as NTGLIL is coming to an end I’m beginning to help out with Auto Club Revolution. The project is huge and has vast potential. There’s a lot of things that we’ve learned whilst developing NTG:IL that we can bring to ACR. It’s very exciting times.”



TRE: After the release of NASCAR The Game: Inside Line next month, what will be next for the Eutechnyx team? Another NASCAR game, a sequel to a previous title, or something brand new?

DT: “We're always looking for new and exciting ways to expand the NASCAR franchise, we don’t just want to update the paint schemes and pump out a new version. We’ll see how NTG:IL is received by the fans and decide where we should go next with the series.”



TRE: Will you be visiting the U.S. again this year to attend any racing events?

DT: “I’ll be at the Texas race at the start of November, the launch weekend of the game, and hopefully I’ll make Champions week over in Vegas.”