Q and A with David Starr
Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images for NASCAR
David Starr sits in his Sprint Cup Series car in 2011. Starr has run a limited schedule in the Nationwide Series this season.

By Dominic Aragon
October 31, 2014



Dominic Aragon: Talk about 2014 and your season in the Nationwide Series.
David Starr: “You’re just blessed and honored. This is my 18th year, and I’m not full-time like I have been over the years, but the races I’ve run, I’ve enjoyed it with being a part of the Tri-Star Motorsports group—it’s been a lot of fun.

“Our cars have been competitive, so it’s been a great season. I think when it’s all said and done,  [it’ll be] 17 races.”


DA: Is there talks right now to possibly run full-time again in 2015?
DS: “There is; that’s what we’re working on right now. All the sponsor talks, everybody I’m meeting with, is to do that. There’s 33 races in a season, and only running 17—man, it hurts.

“When I’m back in Dallas, Texas, and not at the races, I have a hard time even watching it on television, because I want to be here racing.

“…It’s tough when you’re not racing full-time, and it kind of drives me, and puts that burning desire in me to get more sponsors, to be able to get back to full-time.

“To answer your question, that is what we’re doing; we’re working on trying to get the funding to get back to racing full-time and hopefully we’ll be there for next year.”

DA: You ran the truck series for over ten full-time seasons, so do you miss running in that series?
DS: “I do. Great, great series, it’s changed; there’s a lot of new faces, but I miss it because I pretty much did it my whole career. There was a reason for that; I got close to winning the championship years ago, and I said ‘you know, I’m not going to move on to do any other NASCAR racing until I win a championship.’

Photo by Getty Images for NASCAR
David Starr's 2011 Camping World Truck Series ride.

“And I might have stayed in the truck series too long, but I really like racing the Nationwide car, and have done it over the years.

“…Looking back on it now, if I could’ve backed up and done it a little different, I’d probably have jumped over to the Nationwide side a little bit quicker than I did.”


DA: Is there ever a chance we will see you back in the Cup Series?
DS: “Well, that’s a good question. I can’t answer that question right now. I love being a part of NASCAR, and whether that’s the Truck Series, Nationwide Series, or the Sprint Cup Series, life’s been good.

“I’ve had a great career, and it’s nowhere near being done, but it looks like a lot of the opportunities are for the Nationwide Series for me.”


DA: How much longer do you see yourself running in NASCAR?
DS: “Well, I’m not 20-years-old anymore, but I feel healthy, and I feel like I’m 20. Man, if I can do it another ten years, that would be awesome.

“I work out every day, I feel good. As long as you’re competitive and your reflexes and your eyesight and all of that stuff still spot-on, then I don’t know why I couldn’t do it for ten more years.

“If five years from now, I wake up and my reaction time is slow and I’m sluggish, that burning desire to compete and do the best you can and trying to win; if you lose any of that or the ability to do that, or the ability to do that, then I think I would be kidding myself.

“Right now, my reflexes are good, my endurance, I’m in the best shape ever, so I hope another ten years.”

So how much do you bench press?

DS: (laughs) “That’s a good question, I do a lot of free weights; I don’t even know how much I can bench press, but I run a lot, I do a lot of upper body strength with my free weights.”

So you could compete with Mark Martin and Carl Edwards?

DS: “I could; I like to box, I have a trainer. Not that I’m a fighter, but we go three minute rounds, and man, it’s just a great workout.

“…I do about 500 push-ups a day. I’m not trying to work out to be a muscleman, I just want to stay fit, in shape, so I think I have a good workout regimen. I want to do this for another ten years, so I’ve got to stay on top of my game.”


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