Q and A with Ernie Irvan

Ernie Irvan and Tony Stewart speak after being inducted into the Sonoma Wall of Fame at Sonoma Raceway Friday.
Photo by Dominc Aragon/The Racing Experts

By Dominic Aragon
June 25, 2016

SONOMA, Calif.—Ernie Irvan and Tony Stewart were the two inductees of the Sonoma Raceway Wall of Fame Friday at the track.

Irvan, a 15-time Sprint Cup winner and two-time winner at Sonoma Raceway, spoke with The Racing Experts about the induction, the racetrack and working in the media.

Q. You were inducted into the Wall of Fame Friday, talk about that experience and what it means to you.

Ernie Irvan: “Well, anytime you can be honored for something you did in your past, and be positive, it’s just a rewarding feeling, and it’s something I can look back on years down the road.”

Q. And how many Sprint Cup races do you go to a year?
Irvan: “I go to a couple, three maybe.”

Q. Is this your first time to Sonoma in quite a while?
Irvan: “Yeah, probably about 15 years.”

Q. Seeing the on-track activity, does it make you miss being out there?
Irvan: “There’s never a day that goes by that I don’t want to be there. But, then again, I look at it, and it’s like how many people have never ever had the opportunity that I had, so I feel very fortunate to have done what I did, and be able to make a living at it, and be able to support my family, and be able to do all the things that I did from that.”

Q. And is there ever a chance we might see you as a driver analyst on television or radio within NASCAR?
Irvan: “When you get me one of those gigs, I can do it. I mean, I’ve done some of that stuff, not a whole lot, and they haven’t called me back, so I must not talk the right language for them.”