Q and A with Geoff Bodine

By Dominic Aragon
July 29, 2014


Retired NASCAR veteran Geoff Bodine hung up the helmet in 2011, but the former driver is keeping busy.



Q: So since the last time we talked, what’s been keeping you busy?

Courtesy photo.
Geoff Bodine in 2011. Bodine recently caught up with The Racing Experts.

Geoff Bodine: “Even though it’s summer time, we’re still bobsledding; making plans for the next season with the World Cup Bobsleds and plus our new company.

“We have Bo-DynBobsled.com plus we have the Geoff Bodine Bobsled Company, which that company, we design and build a bobsled that will be used in the Paralympics when that comes out. It accommodates any athlete’s needs.

“Plus, it’s a training sled for young people… It’s a great training aid that can be used by one person, the driver, and you don’t need a brake person in it. The driver can learn how to drive and crash all they want.

“Of course, I have Geoff Bodine Honda of Melbourne [Florida], Honda motorcycle and power sports store. We spend a lot of time there talking to customers, potential customers, have a good time. Race fans come in and we have a great time. Along with that, ride some motorcycles, and charity events.”

So bike rallies and things of that nature?

“Yeah, all that stuff. My wife and I rode from Carlsbad, California to Daytona Beach a few months ago with the Kyle Petty Charity Ride. That was on a three-wheeler, a trike, which we build right here at our stores.

“And then I got on a two-wheeler, a Honda F six-speed, and rode from Nashville to Washington D.C. on the Rolling Thunder ride.”

Q: How many NASCAR races have you attended this year?

Courtesy photo.
Geoff Bodine (left) poses with brothers Todd (center) and Brett (right)

GB: “Believe it or not, zero. We were out of town, I think I was doing bobsled stuff for the [Daytona] 500 and then for the [Coke Zero] 400, I took [my wife] Lori’s dad and uncle and a friend up to Daytona. Of course, it rained Saturday.

“I got them a ride in the Richard Petty ride-a-long, and then my brother got them a ride in the pace car.

“I’ll be at Charlotte coming up.”

Q: Have you done any local racing this year?

GB: “No, no. I’m 65, and I’ve got so much going on, I really don’t have time for that.

“I’m helping a friend of mine here [in Melbourne], George Alexander. He owns an Ace Hardware store. He has a late model he’s going to run at Buffalo and New Smyrna.

“I go up there and help him get ready. That keeps my hand into it a little bit and dirty. And of course when we go there, he wants me to drive it and shake it down.

“Other than that, that’s about all. There’s a lot of great things to do in life, and racing has allowed me to do those things, but I think that part of my life is behind me now.”

Courtesy photo.
Geoff Bodine at Daytona in July 2011. Bodine ran four Sprint Cup races in 2011.

Q: How much do you miss being a part of the traveling circus that is the NASCAR Sprint Cup tour?

GB: “I miss the people. We all do. We miss traveling, that was fun. I miss the competition and challenge of going fast and figuring out the car.

There’s a lot of other great things to do in life… Everything’s okay. I like to watch. I like to see what my friends are doing.”

Q: Since your last race in 2011, has any team or sponsor approached you about getting back in a NASCAR touring race?

GB: “No. It’s behind me. All the young drivers are talented. The teams are helping them develop them throughout the years.

No one’s approached me at all.”

Q: And because it was a hot topic issue recently, what are your thoughts on the Morgan Shepherd-Joey Logano tangle a few Sundays ago?

GB: “It wasn’t really bad, but it looked bad for Morgan. I feel bad for him, because he doesn’t have a top car he’s driving. They do a great job with that team, but we all know it isn’t a highly funded team.

“So, until I find out or until it gets out what was going on, you know, I just feel bad for Morgan because he’s getting a lot of criticism for being out there.

“I respect him. I raced with him back in the late model days and the up through the Winston Cup days.”


Q: I recall in the past you saying you don’t really like to make any predictions, but what has surprised you the most about this NASCAR season?

GB: “How competitive it is, and how the teams have adjusted to this new qualifying [format]. It’s very exciting, it’s great.

“It’s interesting to watch to qualifying now, when before, it was like watching paint dry. That’s been an enjoyable positive this season.”


Q: Anything else you’d like to share with us?

GB: “NASCAR’s doing a great job. They’re trying to make it better for all the fans, drivers, teams.”

What is your favorite Geoff Bodine memory?
1986 Daytona 500 victory
Last career win at Watkins Glen (1996)
3rd in final Daytona 500 (2002)
Final return to NASCAR (2011)
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