Q and A with: Joe Nemechek

Joe Nemechek sits on pit road at Daytona. Nemechek has ran at the finish 17 times this season, more than the previous four seasons combined.
Photo by .Mearn / flickr.com


By Dominic Aragón
TheRacingExperts.Com Reporter
November 5, 2013

The Racing Experts: On the Cup side, how would you assess your season overall?

Joe Nemechek: “We definitely want to be higher in points. We started the year out, we made the Daytona 500, but then we were the first car out; we broke some motor parts, and fell out of the race. We had a lot of failures early in the year, and that got us behind.”



TRE: How has the addition of Jay Robinson helped NEMCO Motorsports overall?

JN: “With Jay, merging [both of our teams] last year when they came out with the new car, it was a situation where we had to have some help. Somebody wasn’t going to do it all by themselves.”



TRE: How is the sponsorship outlook for the rest of 2013?

JN: “We’re working on stuff. We keep working on [finding sponsorship,] it’s a daily basis.  We’re doing the best we can with what we have.”



TRE: What are your plans for your Nationwide and Cup team in 2014?

JN: “As you know, it takes money to keep these teams running. Jay is working on some stuff, we never give up.”



TRE: If next year presents an opportunity to run more races in the Sprint Cup Series, would you elect to earn points in that series, rather than the Nationwide side?

JN: “If that’s what we’re going to run full-time, then yes. As far as driver points, once you get out[side] of the top-20, it doesn’t really mean anything. Trying to be a top-20 points team on a weekly basis when you look at who you’re racing against, it’s a pretty tough thing to do. You look at that crowd that’s 18th to 28th, they’ve got an awful lot of dollars behind them. ”



TRE: You turned 49 this year, and it seems as if drivers start to contemplate cutting back or even fully retiring when they approach close to 50. With that being said, what can you say about your plans to continue racing?

JN: “In five years, I hope I’m not still doing this; I hope I am helping my son [John Hunter].

“I’m up for [still racing five years from now], but getting back to trying to be more competitive than what you have to work with—it’s tough. I love racing. If I didn’t love it, I sure wouldn’t be doing what I am doing, and do what I have done the last three or four years.”