Q and A with Joseph Wooten
Image used with permission.
Joseph Wooten

By Dominic Aragon
TheRacingExperts.com Reporter
May 5, 2014



Dominic Aragon: The tour begins in May, what are you guys doing as a band, and what are you doing personally to prepare for the tour?

Joseph Wooten: “Well we just finished up a Canadian run, which were sort of like live dress rehearsals... for the summer tour. I think we did seven shows. Other than that, just trying to stay in shape; make sure your voice doesn’t get out of shape. It’s going to be a busy summer, but I should be ready to go.”


DA: What is a typical week like for you on the tour schedule?

JW: “We get up, have breakfast, head [over to do] the sound check, have dinner, relax for a minute, and do the show. Right after we finish the show, we head to the next city. We try to get to the next city as early as possible so we can relax most of the day until the next show.

“That’s pretty much it, it’s not a wild tour. It’s a no drug tour; we’re pretty clean livers as far as that goes.

Steve [Miller]’s been [touring] a long time, so he runs a very professional tour. We stay in nice places, your money’s never funny, and the music is fun.”


DA: And because of the popularity of the band, I’m sure many fans come up and talk to you. What do they typically like to talk with you about?

JW: “A lot of times, what I’ll get, is ‘are you one of the Wooten brothers, are you related to Victor Wooten.’ Sometimes people will ask ‘what does the pompitus of love really mean.’ A lot of times, you’ll get ‘where’s your favorite place that you’ve ever played.’

Often times, people will just want to tell you how much they enjoyed the show or how much Steve Miller’s music has meant to them over the years.

One of my favorite parts of being a traveling musician is the chance to meet all the people.”


DA: And the last time we talked, I remember you saying you had never been to a NASCAR race at Bristol, but you had wanted to try and make one. Where you able to make the March race?

JW: “I was not able to go. It’s tough for me because of [my schedule], it makes it hard to attend a lot of things. I would really love to [go to Bristol] because it’s something I have never done before, and it’s a departure from what I do here.

“I am an admirer of anybody that does anything well. Those drivers and mechanics are so highly skilled. I haven’t had much experience with the sport, but I’m an appreciator of the sport.”


DA: Is there a chance we’re going to see The Steve Miller Band play at a concert this year?

JW: “That could easily be a possibility. It’s just a matter of the right people contacting the right people. I don’t know about this year because The Steve Miller Band-Journey tour is pretty booked right now.

But if we play Fan Appreciation Day for Major League Baseball, the NFL, there’s no reason why we can’t play for NASCAR. I would love to.”