Q and A with Mike Senica

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By Devin Smrekar
November 16, 2014



Our Devin Smrekar recently had the opportunity to speak with ARCA Racing driver Mike Senica.


1.    Give us a little bit of a background check on who you are, where you come from, and what you do for a living.

-I hail from New Jersey. I was born in Newark, N.J. ...I have worked as a pro-wrestler and I am a commercial pilot as well as a race driver



2.    You are extremely active in Social Media, particularly Twitter. (you can follow him at @msenicaracing) What is it about Twitter that you enjoy the most and why do you enjoy being so active with your fans?

-I love our racing fans...Without them there is no sport. Period! I enjoy interacting with them also because it's an honor and privilege to be racing at this level and It makes me appreciate what I do. When fans tell me that I am so nice to be acknowledging them on a daily basis is music to my ears. I constantly conduct racing giveaways and I know our fans really enjoy that. Hit me up @MSENICARACING and say hello. I also have a website Mike Senica Motorsports where I update our racing efforts daily.


3.    When did you originally begin your racing career and what else do you do outside of Motorsports?

-My mentor in racing was Dennis Vitolo, who ran Indycars back in the mid-90's. I met with him in Fort Lauderdale, Florida back in June 1994, after he ran the Indy 500. He took me under his wing and shaped my career into what it is today. I operate a sports marketing business, Motorsport Concepts, which is a company I founded in 1995. The company was set up to assist me in finding corporate sponsors for my racing program. I have also assisted other aspiring and up and coming drivers with their marketing programs as well. I am a commercial/corporate pilot and that keeps me busy when I am not racing.




4.    What are your racing plans for the 2015 season? Can we expect to see you in a Camping World Truck or Xfinity Car? Arca?

-2015 is going to be a very productive year for me. I have signed on 2 new sponsors and we welcome back Bell Plantation, Damn Good Jerky and XS Energy Drink. I have been working with Mike Harmon Motorsports in a developmental driver program. I will return to the ARCA Series and the NASCAR K&N division as well. I will be making 3 NCWTS starts next year starting with Iowa. THE Xfinity Series isn't out of the question but, that depends on our budget.


5.    You have a special relationship with Bell Plantation, tell me a little bit about what they do and how the relationship came about. Feel free to mention other sponsors of yours that allow you to go out there and do your thing on race weekends!

-Bell Plantation has been a great and supportive corporate partner of ours for the past 3 years. I really enjoy our working relationship with the marketing department and Vice President of the company. They are huge racing fans and their continued support means so much to me. Today, finding corporate sponsors is a very large task to undergo and you need to show them extended value by doing more than placing their logo on your race car or truck. Bell Plantation has been growing since I've started working with them in 2012 and a part of their success in growth is their unique products (PB2 and crackers).. I also have been very lucky to work with Damn Good Jerky as they also provide a magnificent product line...and the BEST beef jerky in the world!




6.    What are some of your favorite TV shows on right now? Old Favorites? Favorite Movies?

- I love older comedies from the 70's and 80's. I also am biased , but I watch WWE RAW and Smackdown when I can. My favorite movie is by far TOP GUN and Days Of Thunder...surprised right? (lol)



7.    Alright 1 last question for you, Mike! We know that you’re an avid regular in the weight room. What’s a typical workout and meal routine on any given day?

- Well, race driving has evolved into a very physical sport today. I work with my personal trainer Brent Hartman, who is also my raceday nutritionist. He also gives great workout and dieting tips. You can tweet him @body_by_brent for any questions. He has been working with me for the past 3 years and I have been able to find more stamina in the race car and truck now due to his regiment he has me undergo. Working out is a way of life for me and I feel very guilty if I miss a day.




Thanks to you Mike for your awesome insight and allowing The Racing Experts to introduce you to another audience in the racing world. Make sure to follow him on Twitter (@msenicaracing) and just say hi! Mike is always interacting with his fans and does plenty of giveaways to just say thanks for supporting him. Mike thank you again and we hope to talk to you again soon!

          - Thank you Devin...Keep up the great work and as always......See you at the track everyone!