Q and A With... Reed Sorenson
Photo by Nancy Nally / Flickr.Com
Reed Sorenson in 2009. Sorenson has run with two different teams this year in the Sprint Cup Series.

By Dominic Aragon
TheRacingExperts.Com Reporter

TheRacingExperts.Com: The week of the Texas Cup race was your first race behind the wheel of Frank Stoddard’s No. 32 FAS Lane Ford. How did the deal come together to start running races with that team?

Reed Sorenson: “Well, he had some open races. Ken Schrader runs a handful of races with Federated Auto Parts, Terry Labonte runs the superspeedways, and Boris Said is going to run the road courses for him, so he had some races that were available, and he gave the opportunity to race for him.”

TheRacingExperts.Com: Before your current ride, you had run with various teams since 2010 in Cup, in which many races included starting and parking. In general, how much does the atmosphere differ from a start and park team, compared to somewhere like Team Red Bull or Turner Motorsports?

Reed Sorenson: “It’s a lot different. The approach for your weekend is a lot different if you’re starting and parking versus not. If you’re starting and parking, your race is on a Friday when you have to qualify in, so it’s quite a bit different.”

TheRacingExperts.Com: What does a typical week like for you as you prepare for the race weekend?

Reed Sorenson: “Usually depending what [series] I’m running, you’re at the shop that week and you sit down and come up with a plan for the weekend.”

TheRacingExperts.Com: The last two races for FAS Lane Racing have been rough to say the least with two accidents at Dover and Pocono. What have those last two weeks taught you as a driver and how does it help the team prepare for the next few races?

Reed Sorenson: “The past two weeks haven’t taught me anything. Last weekend’s [car] was totaled, so that one won’t be rebuilt, but [the Dover car] will be and it’ll be back on track.”

TheRacingExperts.Com: As of right now, you have run a majority of the NASCAR Sprint Cup races, but you are currently collecting points for the NASCAR Nationwide Series. Have you considered switching to collect points in the Cup Series at some point this season?

Reed Sorenson: “I’ve thought about it, but [with] the amount of races I’m running, I don’t think it would make a difference either way. I’m not going to be high in points on either car, so at the end of the day, it doesn’t even matter.”

TheRacingExperts.Com: What can you tell us about some of your short-term racing plans? Can we expect to see you fill the No. 32’s seat when Ken Schrader, T.J. Bell, and others aren’t slated to run?

Reed Sorenson: “We’re still working on that. The next five to six races are scheduled out with [Ken] Schrader, Terry Labonte, and Boris Said, so we will have to wait and see.”

TheRacingExperts.Com: Can we expect to see you run more Nationwide races this season?

Reed Sorenson: “Yes, we’re going to run about nine more races, and Kentucky is the next one. We are going to pick and choose tracks we think we can run good at.”