All images used with permission from Dennis Michelsen and RaceTalkRadio.com

By Dominic Aragon
TheRacingExperts.com Reporter

Get ready to talk NASCAR.

RaceTalkRadio.com, considered the leader of independent NASCAR radio stations, host year round radio shows dedicated to the love of auto racing. Utilizing computer programs like Skype, the hosts of the various RTR shows, as described by Dennis Michelsen, “Sound like we are in the same room, when in fact, we’re not.”

Dennis Michelsen is the owner of RaceTalkRadio.com. Starting up the sit a few years back, he and Lori Munro host “Doin’ Donuts” on Monday and Thursday nights at 8 P.M. Eastern. Before Race Talk Radio, Michelsen used to own the site Frontstretch.com. Frontstretch.com, a successful independent NASCAR website, was sold by Michelsen to Thomas Bowles.

Doin’ Donuts is the site’s main show. Fans can call in and give their opinion, while the two discuss hot topics going on in the NASCAR garage.

On average, a few thousand combined viewers listen in to all the shows that air Sunday-Thursday. If you happen to miss the show, there’s a unique situation.

“We’ve partnered with Racing Electronics,” said Dennis Michelsen. “They are able to air our broadcasts through the scanners at the race track. Any fan can now listen at the races.”