Andrew is the co- webmaster of the site and he is also the co- excecutive of the podcast operations. He can also handle information reguarding interviews and sponsorship oppertunities.

If you neede breaking silly season news, go to Andrew.


He also made the site's cars!


Contact Information:


Direct E-mail:

Skype: andrew.carbone44



" git r done "



Information about Drew: 


Favorite Past Time: Going out side and playing wiffle ball


Favortie Sports: Baseball, ( NASCAR is not a sport, its a living)


Favorite "Living": NASCAR!


Favorite Sports teams:




Boston Red Sox







Houston Texans & New England Patriots






Boston Celtics






San Jose Sharks & Boston Bruins



Favorite NASCAR Driver:





Tony Stewart





Sports I play or played:


Baseball, Golf, Basketball, Football ( one year )



Favorite Band(s):



Lynryd Skynyrd, ZZ Top, Pearl Jam, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Eric Clapton, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, AC/DC and finally The Eagles.




Lynnfield High School


More to come as life goes on.....



( im the one with the catchers stuff on )