Peter Carcia is a high school senior who loves sports statistics and has been with The Racing Experts since day one. 

Since he knew how to make sports stats he has made fantasy leagues just for the fun of them. As a child, he has grown up a Giants and Yankees fan. Regardless of loving sports this much, he is actually a novice as a NASCAR fan. He only started really watching and covering racing at the start of the 2009 season. Even so, he has been clever with statistics. He currently writes the race previews and is the moderator of many of the statistics on 

Interesting Facts about Peter:

First NASCAR race Watched: "I'm pretty sure it was an Atlanta race in '03 or '04 where Bobby Labonte won.
Favorite Driver: "I really don't have one. I guess that's a strong suit when you're trying to write the news!"
Favorite YouTubers: Phillip DeFranco; Craig Ferguson; Football Gameplan; ARLA & TM Master Cup Series
Hobbies: You're looking at it.
Favorite Teams:
NFL: New York Giants
MLB: New York Yanks
NHL: San Jose Sharks
CFL: Toronto Argonauts
UFL: Hartford Colonials