There is so much more

By Stan Creekmore

August 7, 2016

The moments of listening to the addition of a second team to Furniture Row Racing were exhilarating.

Erik Jones has shown quickly he has the ability and sheer determination to be a great stock car driver. Martin Truex Jr., now has the opportunity to not just be a driver, but to also be a teacher.

The opportunities for all involved are all positive.

Yet, as the announcement was completed, my mind was filled in a different direction.

Joe Gibbs stood off to the side. His face filled with the joy of his young driver getting to move into the top level of stock car racing.

A look at Gibbs filled my head with deep concern. One question filled my mind. How is his son, J.D. Gibbs, doing?

Sadly, the struggle still continues. Federal authorization to utilize a new drug has not been received.

It has been 22 days since the request and Gibbs was told an answer would come in no later than 30 days. Listening to the stress of trying to get the best possible chance of recovering brought tears to the eyes of both myself and Joe Gibbs.

I asked for Gibbs hand, the thought of saying a prayer with him in my mind. Gibbs wasted no time, taking my hand and saying the words to God. As Gibbs spoke out to the Lord more tears and quiet desperation filled my heart and soul.

Publicly, I ask you God, reach out with your hands as Jesus would reach out with his and bring renewed health to J.D. Gibbs.

DISCLAIMER: Opinions expressed are solely those of the writer.