Two-day or three-day race weekend?

By Dominic Aragon
July 30, 2017

LONG POND, Pa.—The Overton’s 400 race weekend at Pocono Raceway marked the first two-day race weekend for the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series in the 2017 season.

With at least two more race weekends featuring two-day schedules, we asked around the garage area Sunday at Pocono Raceway to see what drivers and team members had to say about the different schedule this weekend.

Dwayne Ogles, Rear-tire Changer for No. 2 Brad Keselowski
“It doesn’t matter so much for the pit crews because we just fly in the day of the race and they fly right back out. It doesn’t really affect us too much, it makes the day just a little bit longer for us.

“...I think the two-day weekend is pretty cool.”

Greg Ives, Crew Chief for No. 88 Dale Earnhardt Jr.
“The biggest thing is condensing the schedule to just have two practices instead of three as well as either putting qualifying on the same day as the practices or like we did this week, where qualifying was in the morning.

“...It’s always nice to have that extra day to spend with your family, but it really comes down to how the weekend’s going to play out.

“This weekend was nice weather, not a lot of issues during qualifying, so you could almost kind of say this was the perfect weekend for it.”

Mason St. Hilaire, General Manager at Go FAS Racing
“I think on an enhanced weekend, the biggest thing that I’ve noticed right off the bat was just being able for a smaller team to be able to prepare the cars during the week.

“For the first couple of days, you realize you get everything going, and then you realize we don’t actually have to be out ‘til Thursday.”

Corey LaJoie, Driver No. 23 BK Racing
“I personally like two-day weekends because you’re home for one more day.

“I think qualifying the same day kind of takes the weight from the race itself, but if we can qualify on Saturdays, I’m cool with that as well.

“Obviously, it saves everybody money for one less day on hotels and stuff and it’s just one more day at home. I’m cool with it, I like it, I’m not the one paying the bills though.”

Jeffrey Earnhardt, Driver No. 33 Circle Sport - The Motorsports Group
“Shorter time to practice. You really got make sure you have all your stuff together, prepared and ready, and not have little incidents happen.

“We had a dead battery that kept us from qualifying, but it’s got it’s pluses and it’s got it’s negatives.

“It’s nice because it cuts down costs for teams for travel expenses, but it does make it tougher for limited practice time.”

“...I like the two-day weekend. It just keeps us from sitting around so much.”

Dante Ricci/The Racing Experts
Matt Courson/The Racing Experts

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