What Happened This Sunday Is What NASCAR Needed 


By Dominic Aragon
TheRacingExperts.com Reporter

  Jeff Burton, Driver Of The #31 Caterpillar Chevrolett, Talks To The Media As He Walks From The Infield Care Center 

What happened Sunday between both Jeffs is very rare.


With the plummeting ratings for the races, what happened Sunday is what the sport needed.


Compared to ten years ago, NASCAR has lost a lot of the weekly audience week in and week out. Criticizing the Chase and that the races have gotten “boring” is the usual talk these days. But Sunday proved otherwise that NASCAR auto racing still has its interesting points.


Two of the most respected drivers in the NASCAR garage, Jeff Gordon and Jeff Burton, wrecked under caution, totaling Jeff Gordon’s car. Gordon retaliated by walking over to Burton and throwing a couple of punches. The only other recent time that Jeff has retaliated was against Matt Kenseth at Bristol in 2006 -- Gordon was running 5th on the last lap when Kenseth spun him out. Gordon pushed Kenseth the moment he got out of his car. Gordon was placed on NASCAR probation for the rest of the year for the incident. No word if anything will be handed down to Gordon. Gordon and Burton, both family men, have never had big run-ins on the track, and are not notorious for fighting. You don’t see that everyday.


Kyle Busch also flipping off the NASCAR official in his pit box is also out of the ordinary. Even though Busch has come a long way and is showing that he is more mature, he took a huge step backwards on Sunday. Despite being penalized two laps on track, according to NASCAR, Busch is subject to a fine.


Most importantly, however, is the close battle in the points for the championship. This is the closest three drivers have ever been to winning the championship with three races to go since the inception of the Chase in 2004. Jimmie Johnson’s drive for five in a row is in serious jeopardy, as Peter pointed out, that he lost a lot of ground to winner Denny Hamlin in Texas.


For those fans who don’t find NASCAR that much interesting anymore, Sunday was a sign that it’s not just 43 drivers going in circles. It showed us that everything is at stake for these guys and that drivers will do anything they can to win a championship.